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ALESSANDRO GRANDESSO - Programmer, Circuito Off

The main new feature this year is that we will be in the old center in the town of Venice. Last year we were in Lido. We will work with Palazzo Grassi which is quite great, quite important for us and the city also. It will be a new space and a new era for Circuito Off.

What we are doing at the festival is focussing on video makers who work with video art, animation and fiction and mix it all. We are trying more and more to find these filmmakers and work with them because this is the new way forward with cinema. They are innovating from the basis of what cinema will be tomorrow; through the internet, through new technologies and through new ideas. So, what we have tried to do for maybe four years is give these video makers a right place in Venice during the main festival La Biennale di Venezia in August. In four days we will try to give an idea of the different directions in cinema, now.

I think it is not the difference between us and the other festivals, it is the difference between what we are becoming now and what we were before. We began 14 years ago in a classic way: we rented a cinema, we started screenings and then we developed this idea of inviting people and selecting short films. Now we have developed the festival our aim is to give more space for innovative films we really enjoy.

We are in Venice during the main festival so of course, this gives us a little plus in comparison to other short film festivals in other countries. At this time of the year in Venice, all the attention is focussed on cinema.

 Alessandro Grandesso, Programmer, Circuito Off International Short Film Festival to FilmFestivalLife, 9 April 2013 

 28 – 31 August 2013, Venice, Italy

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