Adroit International Animation Festival

AIAF // Adroit International Animation Festival

1st edition

Nov 01 - Nov 02, 2020
Bangalore, India

Open Call Jul 27, 2013 - Deadline TBA  Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Any type, Animation, Experimental
Film length Short
Genre Fantasy, Flash, Live Action, Music

Mission / description This festival is dedicated to the animation lovers.Beyond Hollywood and Cartoon Network, there is an amazing world of animation you’ve never seen.

Independent animators produce hundreds of short films each year that is in turn hilarious, heart warming, and profound. Sadly, without million-dollar advertising budgets, you probably won’t ever hear about these gems. Adroit International Animation Festival (AIAF), the first ever of its kind seeks to change this..

AIAF is an independent international animation festival that will feature creative shorts produced by young professional independent filmmakers, film school students, graduates and experimental film projects worldwide. The event will be held every November in Bangalore. AIAF is the brainchild of a group of young promising art activists and event organizers, who have realized their vision and demonstrated their capabilities from the onset of AIAF’s activities. AIAF’s intends to encourage young people, especially young artists, to experiment and work with animation in order to express their ideas and worldview. AIAF is working towards its overall goal with capacity-building activities, such as training seminars and workshops, film screenings, debates, and other activities that provide more visibility for emerging artists. The founding members have held mega events in India boasting an unparalleled reputation in this field.

The AIAF’s objective is to promote non-commercial cinema, 2D/3D Animated Movie, 3D Character models, 3D Automobile Model, Industrial Animation, CAD/CAM Design, Architecture Interior/Exterior Model/Design, 2D/3D Concept Art, Clay modeling, Photography and artworks, etc… It will present the latest trends and a variety of ideas generated by young filmmakers in different parts of the world. The festival promotes the work of these filmmakers by encouraging them to meet each other, share a creative experience, cooperate, learn, inspire, and discover new perspectives for their future work.

AIAF aims to showcase a range of short films, animated movie (2D/3D), Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, etc. in a competitive event and other specialized programs, . The festival targeting a global audience will also set sights on hosting training seminars, workshops, film screenings, debates, photo exhibitions and other activities such as theater and music performances..
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