Art Non Stop Film Festival /BA2019 -International Film & Art Fest

ArteNonStopFest // Arte Non Stop Festival /BA2019 -Festival Internacional de Cine y Arte

4th edition

Sep 27 - Sep 30, 2019
BA - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Open Call Oct 19, 2018 - Aug 30, 2019  Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Any type, Docu-feature, Documentary, Experimental, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Biography, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Flash, Foreign, Health, Hip Hop, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Kids, LGBT, Live Action, Medical, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Music, Musical, Mystery, Nature, News, Ópera Prima (Debut Feature) - Animé/Manga - Video Arte, Parody, Post modern, Realism, Reality, Religious, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Spiritual, Sports, Surreal, Thriller, Transgender, Underground, Urban, War, Western

Mission / description Art Non Stop Festival, is the International Film and Art Festival born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which takes place every year from September 27 to 30. Organized by the Producer Arte Non Stop, combining Cinema, Painting and Sculpture under the exclusive theme of cinema.

The reason for the Festival is to Promote Art in all its Expressions. Providing a new space year after year to the Artists and Sculptors, to interact their works of art together with the Films of Art and Fiction that participate from all over the world in different contests and categories, with functions and exhibitions open to all public.

It is an Official Independent Festival, free exhibitions and with itinerant venues that it renews year after year - Non-conventional Projection, Not in Cinemas - because its seeking to discover and promote new Art Spaces and create new viewers.

That is why it calls the Artists to Carry out Workshops live to create Works of Art intervened by all the Artists present, with the idea that they are Donated to beneficial institutions

Making Films and Art Works Exhibitions, Free exhibitions every year from September 27 to 30.

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Art -Painting / Arte - Pintura

Description Competencia Oficial Pintura (Arte) Para aquellos realizadores/Artistas presenten sus Obras, incluída caricatura (nacional y/o internacional) en soporte tela/cartón, bastidores de 50x70 / 70x100 / 100x100 y/o 100x150 (cm), toda técnica/material (acrílico/óleo/grafito) Cuyo tema exclusivo de las obras será representar a Personajes y/o Escenas de reconocidas películas. -(deberán enviar 1 vídeo de un minuto con imágenes de la obra y comentario del autor)
Dates Open call: Oct 19, 2018

Early bird deadline: May 31, 2016
Regular deadline: Jul 31, 2019
Late deadline: Aug 15, 2016

Notification date: Aug 31, 2019
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Latest deadline    9.48 USD    10.98 USD    12.48 USD    5.49 USD
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Restrictions Premiere status is not required
Category rules Las obras en caso de ser del exterior de Argentina, deberán ser enviadas sin firmar, por temas de aduana. Las mismas podrán ser firmadas ante el Comité de selección en el Festival.

Todas las obras que participen, quedarán en tutela del festival, siendo las mismas Donadas a perpetuidad por sus artistas al Festival para ser expuestas en su galería permanente