BRIDGE short film festival

CaP // Corti a Ponte

9th edition

May 11 - May 14, 2021
Ponte San Nicolò, Italy

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Children, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Short

Mission / description Cortia Ponte is a short film festival organized by an association of volunteers. It aims at creating a cultural event with high quality short films. It aims also at educating the audience to understand and enjoy the particular creative language of short films. For that reason the association organizes various cinema classes and acticities for any age (5-90 y) in the months before the festival. full text less text

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Class Founded: 2007
Festival category: D (local player)
Dates Open call: Aug 05, 2015

Regular deadline: Nov 30, 2015
Late deadline: Nov 30, 2015

Notification date: Apr 15, 2016

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Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Festival sections
Animated short films
for short films created with any animation techique (traditional, stop motion...)
Narrative short films
for live action fictional short films.
General rules Entry
Entry to the competition is free
There are no age limits, nor residence or citizenship restrictions.

Works must be no more than 3 years old (produced after 01/01/2013).
Works already released or presented to other competitions are admitted.
Each author can participate to the selection with a maximum of two works, regardless of the section they enter.

Narrative Short Film Section
Only narrative live action short films. No video documentaries, art-videos, dance-videos and pictures sequences. Films can develop one of the following themes:

• Free theme
With no restraints to content and genre.
• Bridge
This theme can be analyzed from every point of view, with any meaning and by any facet. For instance, the film can tell about physical, real, unreal, ancient or modern bridges. The bridge could be metaphorical: the encounter of two different realities, the breaking of a barrier, getting near someone, ... The theme can also be related to cultural exchanges and relationship between European cities (twinning).
• Slowness
This theme is inspired by the Festival of Slowness, a local event built around the concept of SLOW. The theme can be developed around the slowness of a physical movement of a person, an object, an animal, a process or an event. The theme may also be dealt with by using slowness as a narrative style, as a characteristic of the narrative speed or of the editing rhythm. The theme can lead to reflecting about the fact that slowness is not only a physical matter, but also a social necessity, a way to notice the other: listening and dialoguing is the only way to get a proper vision of our historical and human context.

Maximum duration: 15 '.

Animated Short Films Section
Any subject and any genre
Maximum duration: 15 '.

Works have to be in Italian or subtitled in Italian.
English subtitles can be accepted only if provided in a separate .srt file with correct time-codes along with a file of the film with no subtitles.

Works can be entered via Film Festival Life or Festhome.

November 30, 2015

All received films will undergo a first selection by the Festival Selection Committee. The films selected as finalists will be screened during the festival nights.
Finalists will be contacted by e-mail. Non selected works will no receive any notification. The list of selected films will be available on the festival website.

1. best narrative short film
2. best animated short film
3. best “Bridge” short film
4. best "Slowness" short film
5. best “Creative Commons” short film.
6. Audience award
There will be no money prizes.

The selected films screenings and the award ceremony will take place during the “Corti a Ponte” film festival, in the Town Hall of Ponte San Nicolò (Padua).

Additional information is available by email: for the narrative short films section for the animation section for general enquiries on the festival