CINEfoot - International Football Film Festival

CINEfoot // CINEfoot - International Football Film Festival

11th edition

Sep 01 - Sep 30, 2021
Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short

Mission / description The CINEfoot- INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL FILM FESTIVAL is the first film festival in Brazil and Latin America with unique curatorial and conceptual approaches about football. The event aims the promotion, diffusion, reflection and appreciation of football films. full text less text

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Class Founded: 2010
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Jul 15, 2020

Regular deadline: Jul 15, 2020
Late deadline: Jul 05, 2019

Notification date: Aug 10, 2020

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Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Other prizes: Trophy CINEfoot Special Cup - Best Short and Best Feature
Festival sections
Feature Films
Shorts and Medium Length Films
General rules 1 - THE FESTIVAL

1.1 - CINEfoot - International Football Film Festival is the first film festival in Brazil and Latin America with unique curatorial and conceptual approaches about football. The event aims the promotion, diffusion, reflection and appreciation of football films from all over the world.

1.2 - Its programme consists of two International Competitions:

- International Competition of Short Films; and
- International Competition for Feature Films.

The works will be selected for the specific programming of each city that will be part of the 2020 edition and the dates of exhibithion may not be coincidental, in accordance with the decision of the Selection Committee from CINEfoot.

The festival will be held in September, 2020, with the possibility of having its date changed.

At the discretion of the organization of CINEfoot and to better promote the event and selected works, the festival will include films on extra screenings in other locations without commercial objectives.


2.1 - CINEfoot is a realization of IBEFEST - Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Festivais Audiovisuais and of Conexão Cultural, production companies with outstanding performance in the segment of audiovisual festivals in Brazil and abroad.


3.1 - The registration is free and will be open until July 15th, 2020.

3.2 - Directors/producers can send as many films as they want, the registration is free.

3.3 - Directors/producers may enroll audiovisual works of Short (30 minutes Lenght), Medium Length or Feature, whatever the medium or genre, of any nationality, that have to approach the main theme "Football", regardless of their years of production / finishing.

3.4 - The work must be completed at the registration.

3.5 - Registrations will be made by filling the entry form through online platforms available on the website of CINEfoot at the address

3.5.1 - The filmmakers should provide a link for the piece, as long as a download option is available.

3.6 - The director/producer must send the film-copy with English subtitles and a list of the dialogues.

3.7 - After sending the Entry Form, the responsible for the work declares that agrees and accepts the rules of the festival, which won’t accept contestation of any kind.

3.8 - Only films that fulfill the requirements of this regulation will be accepted.

3.9 - The films will become part of the collection of CINEfoot and can be used in other similar settings for strictly cultural, non-commercial purposes.


4.1 - The film selection will be made by the committee of CINEfoot. The results will be posted on the website

4.2 - The directors/producers of the selected films will be informed via e- mail.

4.3 - The responsible of the selected films will be informed about the technical conditions, as well as the material for distribution.

4.4 - All selected works must be sent with list of dialogues.

4.5 - The decision of the CINEfoot committee is sovereign and not contestable.

4.6 - The selected works should include indicative rating assigned by the Department of Justice, Age Classification, Music Rights and Copyright - DEJUS. If this is not possible, the responsible should inform the festival about the intended age classification of the work.
4.7 - It is the responsibility of the Directors/producers the definition of the appropriate age classification of the work

4.8 - Directors/ Producers from the selected works are dued to report whether they possess musical works protected by authors who are bound. Should they contain, they must inform the authors and the Association of Copyright they are associated.

4.9 - It is the responsibility of the Directors/producers to carry out the work information relating to Article 4.8.


5.1 - CINEfoot provides the awards for the best films (Audience vote).

5.2 - There will be offered the trophy CINEfoot Cup for the best short film and for the best feature film.

5.3 - The public vote will be made by ballots.

5.4 - Results of the Audience Award will be announced during the closing ceremony of CINEfoot when CINEfoot’s trophy CINEfoot Cup will be given.

5.5 - The Jury's decisions are final.


6.1 - Custody and maintenance of the selected works are under the responsibility of the festival, from receipt to return.

6.2 - The organization of the CINEfoot returns the screening copies in one week after. Any damage or loss of any copy, should be informed to the organization.

6.3 - The shipping costs of the films to the festival must be payed by the directors/producers, the reshipment will be payed by the festival.

6.4 - No refunds or devolutions will be made of movies or screening copies on DVD.


At the inscription of the films, following conditions will be accepted:

7.1 - Registered and selected works are automatically allowed to be shown as part of the programme of CINEfoot.

7.2 - The responsible of the selected films must send a copy of the film within a period of five working days before the date of view.

7.3 – The IBEFEST, Conexão Cultural and the organization from CINEfoot are not responsible for issues relating to copyright, use of voice, images, soundtrack, indicative classification or locution in the content of submissions.

7.4 - Entrants grant automatically CINEfoot the rights to broadcast extracts of the selected works to publicize the event schedule, as well as for graphic materials, promotional or publicity.

7.5 - The dates and times of the participating films are determined using criteria defined by the organization and will be communicated to the selected films.

7.6 - Enrollment procedures for the selection of films bind the participant to the full acceptance of these rules.

7.7 - The responsible for the registration declares at the time of registration that the filmmakers holds all the rights, guaranteeing its exhibition in CINEfoot, and that all elements used in the work, including the soundtrack and archival images, do not violate any right of use of image or intellectual property, thus agreeing the responsible for the registration in assuming exclusive legal responsibility for any claim, lawsuit or litigation, due to the exhibition.

7.8 - The cases not covered will be settled by the organization CINEfoot.