Cyprus International Film Festival

CYIFF // Cyprus International Film Festival

15th edition

Nov 22 - Nov 28, 2020
Nicosia, Cyprus

Open Call Dec 02, 2019 - Oct 10, 2020  Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Children, Docu-feature, Documentary, Experimental, Music video, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Foreign, Health, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Kids, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Music, Musical, Mystery, Nature, Post modern, Realism, Reality, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Spiritual, Sports, Surreal, Thriller, Underground, Urban, War, Western

Mission / description Note: In our reposnse to pandemic social distancing the festival will held both of online and live screenings and events.
Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) takes place annually, under the umbrella of Cultural International Festivals in cooperation with CINE@ART FESTIVALS network, on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The festival was inaugurated on March 23, 2006 by the Cypriot Minister of Education and Culture Mr Pefkios Georgiades.

Since 2006 it operates with the support of the private sector and the local authorities.

The Cyprus International Film Festival is the biggest of artistic high value independent cinema event of the whole region, spilling over Cyprus boundaries and spreading over the whole region with repercussions reaching worldwide. CΥIFF is the first internationally oriented film festival which offers new and upcoming directors in multiple sectors of entertainment (such as feature films, short films, animations, music videos, dance, experimental films and video art) the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a jury of internationally acclaimed cinema experts, directors and actors. CYIFF has a competitive section.
The festival is dedicated exclusively to the emerging independent filmmakers who are going to present the screening of their film produced within the last 36 months. With the competition section of first feature films in the category "Golden Aphrodite" and first short films in the category “CYIFF Got Talent", the festival's motto is the following: “The Best of the First!”.

• Only First Feature Films are eligible to participate for the “Golden Aphrodite Award”.
• All other feature films are eligible for the “CYPress Veteran`s Award”.
• Only First Short films are eligible to participate for the “CYIFF GOT TALENT Award”.
• All other short films are eligible for the "CYIFF Veterans'Short Films Awards".

CYIFF General Categories:
• Feature Films (up to 120 minutes) – all genres (including animation and documentaries produced the last 36 months)
• Short Films (up to 20 minutes) – all genres (including animation and documentaries produced the last 36 months)
• "Women films" are eligible for the Aphrodite Cinematic Award. Films with a female director and/or producer (no restriction in production year, genre or duration).
• "50/50" Films with 50% men and 50% women in credits
• Films about PEACE
• Films from filmmakers of Diaspora.
• Mobile Films

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Rate Favorite Share Submit your film SELECT SUBMISSION CATEGORY Golden Aphrodite - 1st Feature Films CYIFF Got Talent Short Films Veterans Films Women Films 50/50 men and women in film credits Mobile films

Description Films with equity of 50% men and 50% women in credits. No restriction in length, genre and production year.
Dates Open call: Dec 02, 2019

Early bird deadline: Apr 03, 2020
Regular deadline: May 02, 2020
Late deadline: Oct 10, 2020

Notification date: Oct 24, 2020
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Restrictions Premiere status is not required
Category rules 1) The Festival Organizers reserve the right to organize the Festival's program and implement changes when thought fit.

2) Official Entry forms will be sent to all films submitted online. All applications must include:
• An entry form filled in and signed by both the producer and the director.
• At least one photograph from the film (in digital form).
• At least one photograph of the director (in digital form).
• A summary of the film in English and in Greek (if possible), not more than five lines (in digital form).
• Main Cast and Credits (in digital form).
• A printed copy of the film's dialogues in English.
• Online preview link with english subtitles (if the dialogues are not in Greek or English).
• Filmography and biography of the director in English.

3) Copyright clearance is the responsibility of the producer for each submitted film, pursuant to the provisions of the copyright law.

4) The Digital/DVD copies of the submitted films for pre-selection will be kept in the festival's archives.

5) The Producer covers both of the inbound and outbound cost of the participating film. Films sent from abroad should have stated on the envelope or box the following phrase: 'No Commercial Value. For Cultural purposes only'.

6) All entries will be handled with extra care, however, the organizers will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of the films/DVDs etc.

7) The decision of the Organizers, as to the interpretation of the rules and regulations, is final.

8) Submission of the entry forms to CYIFF implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules and regulations.

Submissions for this category not open yet.