Tirana International Documentary Film Festival

DocuTIFF // Tirana International Documentary Film Festival

4th edition

May 10 - May 17, 2022
Tirana, Albania

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short

Mission / description DocuTIFF is exited inviting filmmakers to submit their films in the third edition of 2017 festival, which will take place in Tirana, this coming May, 10 – 17, 2017. DocuTIFF invites all documentaries from established and debut filmmakers alike to apply their films in International Competition and In Albanian Competition.
DocuTIFF aims to encouraging documentary film production in Albania and to give more chances to our filmmakers finding cooperation and enabling mutual contacts with their colleagues in our region, to build up a favorable climate creation in Albania and wider in region for development and cooperation of such productions.
DocuTIFF last year screened 180 films in three venues as well as in open air making it the largest film festival of its kind in Albania and one of the most important in the region.

Competition features four distinct sections:

∆ Feature Film Competition
∆ Mid Length Competition
∆ Short Film Competition
∆ In Albanian Film Competition

B. Open to any filmmaker from around the world DocuTIFF showcases the very best in documentary cinema from around the world, in such programs as Focus, Panorama, Reflecting Albania, RetrospecTIFF, Festival Partners, Special Screenings, Workshops & Masterclasses, Homage & Tributes, international guests together with Galá Awards and other special events.

DocuTIFF has the pleasure to announce four optional services available for applicants.
The applicants must apply clearly for each one of these new services. Fill the appropriate field in the entry form.

∆ DocuTIFF.TV Competition
With our media partners we offer the possibility to directors screening their films (selected for the official competitive program or not) to the Albanian audience and win the TV audience awards in a yearly competition.

∆ DocuTIFF on Tour
DocuTIFF will act as ambassador for the submitted films and will travel with a selection to other Albanian cities during the year. DocuTIFF will also propose special screenings to other regional festivals in accordance to a specific subject or theme of each collaborative festival.

∆ DocuTIFF Online Library
TIFF offer the online presentation of each film, in a dedicated page, as a part of a film library, with all related information and with the possibility to receive comments from the international Internet audience and industry. The screening of films is open to anyone without charges. The films will be available for viewing in the film library as long as director/producer wishes.

∆ DocuTIFF Market Corner
DocuTIFF will create a market corner during the eight days, where potential buyers can watch all films and make their selection. DocuTIFF will also act as a festival promoter and distributor. In case of financial contract with a distributor, DocuTIFF will receive a fee of 5%.

I want to participate in the following sections:
Δ Competition Δ Non-Competition Δ International Competition Δ In Albanian Competition

I want to participate in the following services:
Δ DocuTIFF.TV Δ DocuTIFF on Tour Δ Online Library Δ Market Corner

On the occasion of this 3rd edition of DocuTIFF, four international juries, Media Jury and Best Frame Jury will evaluate and then select the best documentaries with awards presented on the closing ceremony.
Awards will be presented in the following categories:
Best Feature
Best Middle Length
Best Short
Best Film in Albanian
Best European Feature
Best European Short
Best Balkan Film
Best Debut Film
Best Frame Award
Media Award
Audience Award
Internet Vote

Official awards consist of a statue and a diploma. The cash prize in DocuTIFF is determined by the available budget. Special awards can be given by organizers, Festival director, sponsors and partners, professional organizations, NGOs, media, etc.
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Festival website http://www.tiranafilmfest.com/

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grandmother aways replies to Luka s curious guestions, one answer forces the child to catch birds, which will help him to see his mother. All days the boy spends on the roof with a trap, trying to catch a huge number of birds. grandmother react calmly to his desire, she only remarks that birds have mothers and they miss them too. later a group of older boys takes away his trap and only after that realizes the little boy these words. the conflict with the boys finishes after Luka s attempt to get his birds back. this incident changes a lot of thing for the little dreamer, he doesno t want to achieve his aim by usign other creatures and releases the birds. Giorgi Around 5 years ago

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