Ekotopfilm - International Festival of Sustainable Development Films

Ekotopfilm // Ekotopfilm - Medzinárodný festival filmov o trvalo udržate?nom rozvoji

43rd edition

May 16 - May 20, 2021
Bratislava / Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Nature, Sustainable Development, New Technology, Eco Solutions, Natural Science, Ecology, Science

Mission / description The program structure and its content focus on all fields of economic, industrial and human activities stressing the need for sustainable development to be a continuous process. The festival program is first and foremost educational in nature.
The main organizer of the festival is Ekotopfilm ltd. in cooperation with Agency Tristan ltd., Civic Association for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, non-profit org. and other partners – professional guarantors – 13 Ministries of the Slovak Government, capital city of Bratislava, town of Kosice and other NGOs. The representative of the main organizer shall be its Statutory Representative.
Coordination body of the festival is the Festival Committee (FC). It consists of delegates representing the partners of the festival. It is headed by the President. The executive body of FC is a Professional Commission (PC), which consists of delegates representing the festival partners (regardless of their membership in FC). The PC is in charge of the preparation and maintenance of the professional level of the festival.


A. Science and Technology (max 60 Minutes)
- Films that explain the role of science and technology in maintaining a sustainable environment. These films should inform viewers about new trends, technologies, and materials that are being developed to address the challenges of sustainable development
B. Nature and Natural Science (max 60 Minutes)
- Films intended to inform and entertain by creatively exploring ecological systems and their inhabitants (people, flora, fauna). The goal of these films is to show viewers how earth's inhabitants interact within their environment and how each one attempts to maintain their position and continue to thrive.
C. Technology Success Stories (max 60 Minutes)
- Films about individuals (or groups) who have used science or technology to successfully address a specific ecological problem. These films should describe the technological activities that are improving local sustainability issues, and that may have global applications.
D. Human Activity Success Stories (max 60 Minutes)
- Films about how individuals (or groups) have addressed sustainability issues through changes in the attitudes and behaviors of the people involved. Entries should explore any new activities or processes that are successfully resolving ecology and quality of life issues.
E. Current Affairs (max 60 Minutes)
- Films about contemporary ecological sustainability issues and crises, and their impact on global or local environment or culture. These issues can be the result of natural events such as climate change, drought, storms, floods, or earthquakes; or the result of human activity, such as population growth, habitat destruction, misuse of natural resources, or waste mismanagement.
F. Children and Youth (max 45 Minutes)
- Films for school age children, those focus on environmental education (recycling, endangered species, endangered environments etc.).
G. Short films (max 20 Minutes)
- This category is for short films addressing ecology, natural science, environmental issues and sustainability in thought-provoking and inspiring way.

Requests for information, entry forms and personal participation forms could be sent also to the following address:

Ekotopfilm, s.r.o.
Zadunajská cesta 12,
851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Festival website www.ekotopfilm.sk/en/

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