FILMFEST DRESDEN - International Short Film Festival

FILMFEST DRESDEN - International Short Film Festival

31st edition

Apr 09 - Apr 14, 2020
Dresden, Germany

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Children, Documentary, Experimental, Narrative fiction
Film length

Mission / description FILMFEST DRESDEN is one of the most important and best endowed European short film festivals. It focuses on short fiction and animation films. Next to its competitions and extensive special programmes, it offers events and workshops for media professionals.

The primary focus of the six day festival in Dresden is its International Competition and National Competition. Fictional and animated shorts up to a maximum of 30 minutes compete here in various categories for the highly coveted Golden Horsemen. FILMFEST DRESDEN is one of the best endowed short film festivals in Europe with prizes and awards worth €66,000. In addition to the competition sections, the festival week provides an extensive range of special programmes with documentaries and experimental films, a children's programme, retrospectives and numerous country-based programmes as well as an industry programme with panel discussions, master classes and workshops.
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Class Founded: 1989
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Sep 01, 2018

Regular deadline: Dec 01, 2018
Late deadline: Dec 01, 2018

Notification date: Feb 25, 2019

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Awards Total prize money: 72,500.00 USD
Festival sections
Expanded: Hybride Transzendenzen
Diskurs Europa 1
Diskurs Europa 2
Expanded: Auf den Punkt
Focus Quebec
International Competition
International Competition 1
International Competition 2
International Competition 3
International Competition 4
International Competition 5
International Competition 6
International Competition 7
Kids 1
Kids 2
Kids 3
National Competition
National Competition 1
National Competition 2
National Competition 3
National Competition 4
National Competition 5
Open Air
Open Air 1
Open Air 10
Open Air 11
Open Air 12
Open Air 13
Open Air 14
Open Air 2
Open Air 3
Open Air 4
Open Air 5
Open Air 6
Open Air 7
Open Air 8
Open Air 9
Open Air Family 1
Open Air Family 2
Open Air Family 3
Open Film Night
Panorama International
Panorama National
Regional Focus
Youth 1
Youth 2
Specials Workshops, Panels
General rules REGULATIONS

1. General Information

The 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN will take place from 9 to 14 April 2019. It is an independent short film festival with an International Competition and a National Competition as well as special programmes. The festival promoter is the Filminitiative Dresden e. V. association. FILMFEST DRESDEN is one of the best endowed short
film festivals in Europe. The festival is dedicated to the short film genre and its manifold forms of expression. It sees itself as a platform at which the potential and diversity of the latest short film productions from around the world will be presented to enthusiastic film audiences and professionals. Respective juries award the best
films in each festival competition section and are newly appointed by the festival each year.

2. Participation Requirements

The following film productions are eligible for submission to the competitions:

• Short fiction or animated film (incl. hybrid forms such as AnimaDoc, experimental or documentary
• Length 30 minutes maximum
• Produced after 31st December 2016

To be considered for the special programmes, submissions must meet the following requirements:
• Animation, short fiction, experimental or documentary film
• Length 30 minutes maximum
• Produced after 31st December 2016

The festival has no restrictions in terms of content and is open to all themes, cinematic techniques and
original film formats.

Please note, that exclusively films on 35mm or DCP will be accepted for festival screenings!

3. Film Submission

Films can be submitted via the online submission platform only. No film submission fees are charged. However, FilmFestivalLife charges a service fee of 2, 99 €.
Please ensure that the films have English subtitles (if the original language is not English). Please activate the download option on FilmFestivalLife and upload a subtitle file (format: SRT, STL or XML!)
with your submission if the original language of the film is not English. Works-in-progress are eligible for entry if submitted by the deadline. The cut you submit should at least be picture locked. Please label your submission "work-in-progress” and specify what is incomplete and still to be finished (final sound mixes, colour correction or completed visual effects).

The call for entry starts on 1st September 2018.
The deadline for submissions to the festival is 1st December 2018.

4. The Competitions

The competing films for the national and international competition are chosen by a selection committee consisting of nominated film experts. The selection committee chooses and assigns the selected films to the National or International Competition sections. The submitters will be notified by email no later than 25th
February 2019 whether their films have been selected. The festival does not pay screenings fee for competition entries.

5. Awards

International Competition Awards
Golden Horseman Animated Film € 7,500
Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film € 7,500
Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury € 2,000
Golden Horseman of the Audience € 3,000

National Competition Awards
Golden Horseman Animated Film € 3,000
Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film € 3,000
Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury € 2,000
Golden Horseman of the Audience € 4,000
Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize € 20,000
DEFA-Promotion Prize Animation € 3,000

International and National Competition Awards
ARTE Short Film Prize € 6,000 (towards purchase of a film)
Golden Horseman Sound Design € 3,000 (€ 1,500 studio shot/ € 1,500 prize money for the
sound designer)
Golden Horseman* for Gender Diversity € 1,000
Regional Film Night Audience Award € 2,000

6. Film Transport and Insurance

The applicant is responsible for the costs of dispatching the screening copy/DCP to the festival. The festival covers the costs of returning the film to the applicants. The film copies/DCPs are insured by the festival organisation for the time period that the copies are at the festival, which means from the receipt of the post to the return shipment. The arrival deadline for the
screening copies is 4th March 2019.

7. Miscellaneous

The applicant agrees that FILMFEST DRESDEN may utilise clips of up to 59 seconds as well as selected photos and credits from his or her work on the festival's own homepage www.filmfest-, on the festival’s own social media and video channels (no download), at the festival's own events as well as for television reporting purposes. For internal management, all contact and film data are saved by FILMFEST DRESDEN. On submission, a
personal account will automatically be created for the submitter in our database. We assure that the EU data protection regulation is observed, that the data are used exclusively for this purpose and are not disclosed to a third party.

During the festival, all films submitted are available for individual viewing by the festival’s accredited guests (producers, curators, distributors, festival representatives) at the film library. Access to the film library is available to all accredited guests and password protected. The respective distribution’s contact details can be
viewed as well. We would like to emphasise that solely the respective director, producer or a person authorised by either of
them is entitled to submit a film. The submitter pays all charges incurred for works that are protected by collecting societies. FILMFEST DRESDEN does not assume liability.
No film selected may be withdrawn from the Festival programme after the notification of its participation.
The submission of a work implies acceptance of the regulations.
Accreditation for the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN will be open from 15th January until 7th March 2019.

We look forward to your submissions!

As constituted in August 2018.