Fantastic Visions

Visioni Fantastiche

2nd edition

Oct 21 - Oct 29, 2020
Ravenna, Italy

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Children, Docu-feature, Documentary, Experimental, Hybrids, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Full length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Biography, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Culture, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Foreign, Hip Hop, History, Human rights, Independent, Kids, Mockumentary, Mystery, Realism, Road Trip, Science fiction, Social issues, Surreal

Mission / description Visioni Fantastiche (Fantastic Visions) is a film festival addressed to schools of all types and levels focusing on fantastic cinema and all its declinations - ranging from sci-fi to fairy tale, mystery, adventure - using specific languages depending on targeted ages.
As prescibed by the 'National Plan of Cinema for School' promoted by MIUR and MIBAC, the purpose of Visioni Fantastiche is to contribute contrasting iconic illiteracy through a Festival project where the educational, formative and spectacular elements find their point of conjuction.

The Festival will propose screenings of short and feature films, either fiction, animation or documentary, exploring fantastic genre in its broadest sense, through international competitions, retrospectives, special events, meetings, forums, workshops, readings.

The five International Competitions and their five Juries are the Festival’s beating heart. Each competition will have a Jury, named "Visionaries". They will be organized as follows: Visionaries 6+ / Visionaries 9+ / Visionaries 12+ / Visionaries 16+ / Visionaries 18+
The International Competition is therefore divided into five categories clustered by age groups. All categories conceive and accept short and feature films, welcoming fiction, animation, documentary and also experimental works, with a greater concentration of shorts, mainly animated, for the Competitions intended for younger students (International Competition 6+ and International Competition 9+) and, as age increases, longer durations and a greater viariety of genres. Short and feature films are therefore numerically balanced starting from International Competition 12+, whereas films of International Competition 16+ and International Competition 18+ increase in duration and variety, being always attributable to fantastic genre and all its declinations.

As for awards, the fantastic and magic element is protagonist in the awards of the Feature Film Competition. Being Ravenna the city whose mosaics are a Unesco World Heritage, it seemed inevitable to think of a Mosaic Award. Awards in various shapes and values will represent the labyrinth built on the churchyard of Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna. The labyrinth, the Byzantine mosaics and Basilica of San Vitale will be the three elements on which young mosaicists from Ravenna, coordinated by a professionist, will realise the artworks connected to the five International Competitions.
As regards the Short Film Competition, a cash prize of € 200,00 will be assigned to each competition where short films are screened. Being five sections, a maximum of five prizes can be assigned with a total value of € 1.000,00.

Being one of the few Italian festivals entirely dedicated to schools, we think that Visioni Fantastiche can reach an absolute relevance from the start. The relationship with schools of all types and levels is of central importance in order to “create” spectators increasingly equipped and prepared to decode the myriad of visual information which they are continuosly exposed to since the day of their birth. That is where the need of a festival as Visioni Fantastiche originates.
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