Fester: The Mindfuck Festival

Regular Screenings! // Fester: The Mindfuck Festival

3rd edition

Jan 01 - Dec 31, 2021
Los Angeles, United States

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Any type
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Biography, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Flash, Foreign, Health, Hip Hop, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Kids, LGBT, Live Action, Medical, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Music, Musical, Mystery, Nature, News, , Parody, Post modern, Realism, Reality, Religious, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Spiritual, Sports, Surreal, Thriller, Transgender, Underground, Urban, War, Western

Mission / description FESTER is a regular film screening series in Los Angeles showcasing “Mindfuck Movies,” films that crawl inside your head and stay there like the memory of a fever dream.

Did you make the next Primer or Donnie Darko? Did other festivals think your film was too weird or complex or out there? Want to show your Mindfuck Film on the big screen in the craziest venue in Los Angeles? Submit!

We want the best plot-twisting, genre-bending, mind-fucking movies unfindable on TV, Netflix, iTunes, or anywhere else outside our monthly screenings. No restrictions on year of production or previous festival appearances!
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Festival website fester.la

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Class Founded: 2014
Festival category: C (national relevance, national player)
Dates Open call: Jan 01, 2014

Late deadline: Dec 31, 2016

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Fees Fees range from 15.00 to 40.00 USD . See submission categories for details about fees.
Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
General rules 1. To be eligible, the application must be completed in its entirety and submission fee paid to FESTER, a Summergy Media, LLC event (“FESTER”). Submission fees are not refundable. Selection by FESTER is based on entirely on subjective evaluations of eligibility and taste.

2. Eligibility is not dependent on when your film was produced or released. FESTER is looking for those great films that might have been too out there for other festivals or distributors.

3. To be eligible, your film must not have any significant distribution arrangement in place. FESTER wants to feature content people can’t get anywhere else; if your movie is available on Netflix or iTunes, it’s probably not for us. If you feel there are special circumstances that should exempt you from this rule, please explain.

4. If selected, you must provide FESTER a high quality print/master file for your film’s exhibition, specifically a high resolution MOV. You are responsible for the delivery and return of your prints. By submitting your print or master to FESTER, you agree to hold FESTER entirely harmless for any potential damage to your prints/masters. Please take appropriate precautions to make sure they are protected. If your film is selected, you agree that failure to submit a master one week before your screening will result in a liability to FESTER of $1,000 that we may take legal action to enforce.

5. You may withdraw your film from consideration at any time with no penalty unless it has already been announced for FESTER’s next screening, in which case you agree that withdrawal will result in a liability to FESTER of $1,000 that we may take legal action to enforce.

6. FESTER may withdraw your film from scheduled exhibition at any time for any reason in its unlimited discretion. You agree to hold FESTER harmless for any such decision.

7. In order to screen your film, you must control all necessary rights for exhibition or have permission from the rightsholder(s). If selected, you must provide adequate documentation for those rights or permissions to FESTER and execute a release agreement. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless FESTER, its parent company, the venue, and any of their respective directors, officers, employees and representatives against any claim whatsoever arising out of exhibition of your film at FESTER, including, but not limited to, copyright infringement.

8. If your film is accepted, you agree to execute a release allowing FESTER the right to use clips, stills, graphics, or other representations of your film for promotional and marketing purposes in any medium.