Giffoni Film Festival

GFF // Giffoni Film Festival

48th edition

Jul 20 - Jul 28, 2020
Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Children, Documentary, Narrative fiction
Film length Full length, Short
Genre Adventure, Comedy drama, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantasy, Foreign, Human rights, Independent, Kids, Live Action, Nature, , Social issues, War

Mission / description The Giffoni Experience was launched in 1971 for the promotion and development of cinema for young people. GEX is held every year in July and is characterized by a Jury solely composed of over 4700 children and youth from over 50 countries embracing all the world’s continents. The jurors are placed in 6 official competitive sections according to their age group. Since 2014 a further section dedicated to documentaries aimed at an audience of parents, teachers and festival goers was also added. The festival takes place in Giffoni, a small unassuming town, an hour drive from Naples, placed between the beautiful green Picentini hills and the wonderful Amalfi Coast.
The region is filled with interesting historical sites such as the Pompei ruins, the Paestum temples, and just a boat trip away from the breathtaking scenery of Capri and Ischia. The Festival is happy to host the directors of the films in competition who are invited to take part in the post screening Q&A session of their films with the young International jury. During their stay the filmmakers also have the opportunity to network with other industry people attending the event and visit the stunning sites the region has to offer.

Elements +3
International competition of short films for children (3-5 years old).
Funny stories, educational themes, different techniques, great masters and new artists are welcome.
Elements +6
International competition of feature and short films for children (6-9 years old).
Great adventures, school and family stories, film that aim at helping kids understand the world and its sometimes strange inhabitants.
Elements +10
International competition of feature and short films for children (10-12 years old). - Journeys into the world of adults or into the realms of magic, family affairs, problems at school or with their peers, kids rights, these are the kind of stories that seem to be the most appreciated in this section.
Generator +13
International competition of feature films for Youth (13-15 years old).
First love, search for one’s identity, friendships, farewell to one’s childhood, bullying, oppression or racism, the different colors of love, world history and big dreams are really common in this section.
Generator +16
International competition of feature films for Youth (16-17 years old).
Great passions, new experiences into the adult world, discoveries and fears, dreams that come true and dashed hopes, the end of school, new paths ahead, sunny teen days or broken friendships, this is the land of +16.
Generator +18
International competition of feature and short films about children and youth but aimed at an adult audience.
Secret lives of children and young people, tough truths behind closed doors, the amazing or painful perks of being young, finding love and trust in dark places. All this and more in the +18 section.
Gex Doc
International competition of documentaries (only feature length films) about children and youth. - The dark shadows behind youth, problematic childhoods, environment issues, history challenges, politics, equality and human rights issues, these are just some of the starting points of the Gex doc screenings and debates.
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Contact person Giovanni Brancaccio
Address Giffoni Film Festival
Via Aldo Moro 4
84095 Giffoni Valle Piana