Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest

SAMF // Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest

5th edition

May 28 - May 30, 2022
Grenoble, France

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Documentary, Multimedia, Web
Film length
Genre Art, Biography, Culture, Hip Hop, Street Art, Underground, Urban

Mission / description The Street Art Movie Fest was created as part of the Grenoble Street Art Fest, one of the largest festivals dedicated to street art since 2015. The Street Art Movie Fest is intended to all producers who deal with street art in every kind of formats, from feature films to web formats such as animated gif. In partnership with the French CNC, it allowed us to build up an archived collection of the best audiovisual documents, each time translated and subtitled for works in a foreign language. The six categories of formats are: feature films, short films, documentaries, animated films, time lapses and animated gif.
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Festival website

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Class Founded: 2017
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Nov 09, 2020

Late deadline: Apr 01, 2021

Notification date: Apr 15, 2021

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Fees Fees range from 2.00 to 2.00 EUR (0.00 to 0.00 USD) . See submission categories for details about fees.
Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Festival sections
Animated Gif
Animated Movie
Feature film
Short Film
Time Lapse
General rules Rules and terms


The Grenoble Street Art Movie Festival is an ambitious project of a Film Festival dedicated to Street Art. This festival is powered by Spacejunk, an art center dedicated to emerging culture since 2003. This festival’s mission is to select and screen films, videos, and related works presenting the subject. Generally speaking, we offer a mix of films and videos of all lengths and genres, focusing on contemporary work. The Grenoble Street Art Fest, is supported by the Grenoble Civic Council and the Metropole of Grenoble. It also has support from the “Cinémathèque Of Grenoble” (labeled CNC) and Arthouse theatre around Grenoble.


All the audiovisual work linked to Street Art and will be “frame-by-frame” film production, all the films are to be finished after January 1st, 2016 and submitted for application before April 2018 in the following genres :

Feature film
Short Film
Animated Feature film
Time Lapse
Animated Gif

The selected films will only be presented in “DCP” format (unencrypted, without KDM). It is possible to supply them on a memory stick, compact disc, or downloaded by means of FTP, WeTransfer …


Films must be submitted to the Festival with a web address (URL) with the official registration form accessible on the Web-site of Spacejunk. Only movies accessible as streamed videos will be considered. Password protected URL's must be downloadable and active until March 15, 2018. Please note that non-French and non-English films must be subtitled in English.

Incomplete projects must be clearly listed as such. Films should be marked as either a “Work In Progress/WIP”. However, no further edits will be accepted after the final submission deadline: May 20, 2018. If the applicant would like to replace their film with a newer version, they will have to contact the GSAMF team.

online registration

There is no application fee required. We only accept Spacejunk online registration forms, duly completed and received by May 20, 2018 preceding the festival.

Official selection

The selection is made under the direction of an artistic delegate, in collaboration with the Spacejunk Films & Programming department. The final films will be selected within the genres cited above:

Feature films, short films, animated film, documentaries, Time Lapse, animated GIF.

Selected Films

The list of selected films will be available at in late March 2018. Spacejunk will inform the submitter by e-mail of its selected film(s). Then he will be asked for the necessary materials for the publications and production. From this point, the submitter has until April 10, 2018 to finalize the program. No work may be withdrawn after this date. For non-selected movies, Spacejunk will inform all the submitters before the April 15, 2017.


Spacejunk takes the responsibility of subtitling non-French-language works presented in competition in order to translate it in French. Spacejunk fully supports the cost of this operation in the condition that the submitter provides the time coded lists of the original dialogues as well as their French or English translation (these elements will be requested later if your film is held in competition). Films with dialogues can be presented in the original version if they are subtitled in English.


The invitation form will be forwarded to the filmmaker with the results of all selections. It has to be returned before April 30, 2018. For the reimbursement claim, the conditions are the following : Feature film and short film in competition - This allows to get personal accommodation for 2 nights in a hotel for one director (only one director per submitted film in case of co-directed films)

→ Please note that SpaceJunk does not cover any other travel expenses.

Transport / Insurance

Shipment costs to Spacejunk (insurance, freight forwarders fees for import and export) are to be entirely paid by the producers, directors or shipping agencies at the filmmaker's own expense. Spacejunk will pay the shipment costs for returning the copies after the festival concludes at the filmmaker request.

Spacejunk Grenoble will pay exclusively the costs of storage and insurance of the copies during the time between the allocation of the latter and their delivery to the carrier. In case of loss or damage, the responsibility of the organizers is limited to the replacement value of the copy sent under the responsibility of Spacejunk. In case of damage, the insurance company contracted by Spacejunk will provide the reimbursement to the producer (in the country of production) within the cost of replacement of the damaged equipment depending on the presented invoice.


Spacejunk will select three judges for each film genre. The jury has the right not to award any prizes, and also cannot award prizes that are not mentioned below.

for Feature Films: First Prize
for short films: First prize
for documentaries: First prize
for Animated Films: First Prize
for Time lapse: First prize
for Animated GIF: First Prize

Promotion and advertising

Framework for the film projections

In agreement with the legal terms presented at the end of this chapter, Spacejunk is not required to pay the filmmaker a fee for the duration of one year (from the announcement of the selection) to use any extracts/clips of the submitted films on television as well as on the Spacejunk website and social media. These extracts may not exceed 10% of the total length of the film and will be limited to 3 minutes for feature films. They will only be used for the promotion of the Film Festival and Spacejunk through TV programs, social media, interviews or or web reports.

additional projections

Grenoble Street Art MOVIE Fest 2018 will also show some of the official selections or the award-winning works, done within the framework of school production during the Grenoble Street Art Fest (June 2018).


video library

All films which are a part of the official selection will be presented within the framework of a digital video library (pay-per-view) on the festival website throughout the duration of the events, in particular for buyers and distributors. An electronic catalog will also be available online.

Promotional equipment and original works

All advertising equipment that the filmmaker owns and a selection of original documents used to set up the film are welcome. They may either be returned to the producers at their own expense or deposited at the Museum of Grenoble, following the legal procedures for the museums of France .


Within the framework of his mission to preserve the cinematographic heritage, Spacejunk Grenoble is associated with the Cinémathèque de Grenoble (CNC labelised) to carry out the digital archiving of the films presented at the official selection.

Legal Terms

The submitter must declare to be the actual author or copyright owner of its transmitted copy, and is therefore the owner of all property rights. As a result, you warrant that Spacejunk will not be liable for any disturbance, claim or legal action related to the production.
The data provided at the registration will be used in various bilingual publications and may be subject to translations, corrections or modifications depending on their publication. The participation of each candidate in the official selection confers the organizers (Spacejunk) the right to introduce the integral work during public productions, organized during the Festival, when done for non-commercial purposes .
Any reimbursement claim must be accompanied with their official invoice(s)


By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all the information above. In case of non-acceptance of those rules, the Grenoble Court of First Instance have sole jurisdiction.

Not provided cases

The management of Spacejunk is responsible for settling cases not provided for in these regulations.

Use of Information

The information, including the pictures, that you are requested are essential to the realization of all the media (whether paper or electronic) relating to the Festival. This information will also be used on the Internet and in the Spacejunk database. In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, you can exercise your right of access, rectification and opposition on the information and data concerning you and your film to the Festival management.