International Festival "Cinema Povero"

CinemaPovero // Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero

6th edition

Sep 20 - Sep 22, 2021
Ispra, Italy

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Documentary, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Biography, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Flash, Foreign, Health, Hip Hop, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Kids, Live Action, Medical, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Music, Musical, Mystery, Nature, News, , Parody, Post modern, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic comedy, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Transgender, Underground, War, Western

Mission / description 1 - The "Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero" is open to everybody: rich filmmakers, poor
filmakers, all welcome provided they have developed a beautiful, original idea on a limited

2 - Competitors, who wish to participate, must alternatively:
send an e.mail to the adress: containing
- a VIMEO or YOUTUBE link and the registration form attached
useing one of the following international platforms:
which can be later accessed by the web site:
The films must be downloadable.

3 - All films will be accepted under the respects of the following conditions:
- SHORT FILMS and DOCUMENTARIES - maximun duration 20 minutes including
- ALL FILMS must have been completed after Juanary 1st, 2016.
- DEAD LINE - August 15, 2018
- SUBTITLES IN ITALIAN are mandatory, if the dialogue is in a language different then

Works are accepted even if winners or participants to other Film Festivals except for those
that already applied to previous "Cinema Povero" editions.

Short films and documentaries exceeding the maximum duration limit of 20 minutes could be
accepted by the international Jury. In this case, the Works will compete only for special
awards and honorable mentions but they will be excluded by any cash prize.

4 - REGISTRATION FEE: € 15.00 or U.S. $ 16,00 to be credited to the account:
Bank Transfer: UBI - IBAN IT73I0311150340000000002774 - BIC: BLOPIT22

The registration fee is non-refundable for any reason, even in the case where the author gives
up the contest.

The registration fee includes the membership of the "Associazione Culturale Cinema Povero"
for the 2018 calendar year.

5 - The international Jury will select the films among of the official selection, which will
compete to final awards:

- Best Italian film - € 1000,00= + sculpture "THE NASSO 2018"
- Best International film - € 1000,00= + Plaque
- Best Documentary/"City of Ispra Award" € 300,00= + Plaque. Assigned to the
documentary who best exalted socio-cultural values, traditions and customs of people and countries.
- People's Choice Award - € 200,00= + Plaque
- "Unitre Jury" Award - € 200,00= + diploma
- Eventual other awards or honorable mentions

6 - The authors present in the Final Selection List will be notified by e-mail to the address indicated on the registration form.

7 - Finalists will have to send the Registration Form and the Signed Release to the Festival.
Without these documents the film will not be screened

8 - The winners will be known only in the Awards Ceremony, scheduled for September 2018.

9 - Prizes will be awarded only to authors present at the Awards Ceremony or to their eventual

10 - For any unforeseen matters, or need of contact (ex. sending materials to illustrate the work),
competitors may refer to the following address
Associazione Culturale "CINEMA POVERO" - Via Acqua Negra, 32 - 21027 - ISPRA (VA) - Italy e mail:


The organization of the Festival reserves the right to make changes to the actual competition

Accordig to Italian Law ‘Legge sulla privacy 196/2003’, we inform that personal data
relating to the participants, will be used solely for the purposes of the competition and will
remain in the Festival’s data base.

The Festival organizers disclaim any liability in case of lack of or incorrect receipt of the
registration documents caused by the transmission, by any means, to the address of the
Festival and for any reason.

At the discretion of the organizers, in case of extreme necessity or any other valid reason, the
event may be suspended or canceled.


The author or the producer of the presented work, or whoever owns the rights, by signing the
present regulations:
DECLARES to have read and understood and then to accept in full, all of its contents;
RESPONDING personally to the content of the artwork;
DECLARE to have transferred all copyrights from third parties as expressed by Italian law
633/1941 and subsequent amendments;
DECLARE, under ‘Art.10 della Legge 675/96 e per effetto dell'art. 13 D.Lgs nr. 196/03’ and
subsequent amendments, to be informed about the purposes and methods of treatment of the
data indicated on the registration form and gives its consent to their processing even through
it tools.
GRANTS explicit permission at the ‘Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero’ the free
dissemination - without compensation - through public screening of the artwork and to free
use of the same for educational, didactic and cultural purposes.

Read, confirmed and signed

Full and legible signature ______________________________

Place and date _________________________________________

del CINEMA POVERO - 2018


film/short film ☐ documentario/documentary ☐

TITOLO/Title: _______________________________________________________________

REGISTA/Director: name______________________surname___________________________

INDIRIZZO/Adress: ___________________________________________________________

CITTA'/City____________________________ CAP/Postal code________________________


E-MAIL/e-mail adress/www_____________________________________________________


FOTOGRAFIA/Photography___________________________ ANNO/production Year______





Luogo e data/ Place and date __________________________




The undersigned___________________________________________________________

Date of birth: ____________________Place of birth:______________________________

City __________________________


e-mail address: ___________________________________________________________

DECLARES to accept the rules of the present Regulation and authorizes the Cultural Association
"CINEMA POVERO" to use the film submitted with the title:

for its cultural activities even those beyond the Festival.

DECLARES to be in possession of all the rights of the submitted work, freeing the Cultural Association CINEMA POVERO from possible litigation with third parties.

DECLARES to give consent to the use of his/her work in other cultural initiatives promoted by the referred Association, at no charge.

DECLARES, pursuant to Law 196/2003, to have been informed of the purposes and methods related to the processing and use of personal data, consciously indicated in the Regulations and to authorize its storage in the database of the Cultural Association CINEMA POVERO.

DECLARES that, all stated above by the competitor referring to the authoring and the content of the work, is true. In the case that those allegations proved to be false, the organization of the Festival will proceed with the exclusion of the work and the competitor. The Cultural Association CINEMA POVERO will reserve the right to submit to the competent Court a report of what happened.

In Faith.

Date and place _____________________________

Signature _________________________________

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