International Film Festival Kinenova Skopje

KineNova 2019 // Kinenova Skopje

5th edition

Oct 04 - Oct 08, 2020
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Open Call May 19, 2020 - Sep 20, 2020  Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length Full length, Short
Genre Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Biography, Burlesque, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Foreign, Human rights, Independent, LGBT, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Musical, Mystery, Parody, Post modern, Realism, Satire, Science fiction, Social issues, Spiritual, Surreal, Urban, War

Mission / description The idea for this film festival emanated from the dire need for a wider space to present debut films by many new filmmakers from the region and beyond.
Therefore The international “KineNova Skopje Film Fest” festival include activities such as promotion, direct support for the new filmmakers, incentives, exchange of experiences, and film awards.
It is a venue for new filmmakers to showcase new stories and offer a fresh perspective of humanity and the world we live in.
The festival and the city of Skopje has the honor to be the meeting point for new filmmakers and a springboard for their respective career paths.
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Class Founded: 2016
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: May 19, 2020

Regular deadline: Jul 15, 2020
Late deadline: Sep 20, 2020

Notification date: Oct 01, 2020

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Fees Fees range from 1.00 to 20.00 EUR (0.00 to 0.00 USD) . See submission categories for details about fees.
Awards Total prize money: 2,300.00 USD
General rules Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of International Film Festival KineNova Skopje

Article 1
“KineNova” is an international film festival as an annual event in Skopje, R. Macedonia.
The full international name of the festival is “International Film Festival KineNova Skopje”.
The short international name is “KineNova Skopje Film Festival”.
The fourth edition of the festival will be held 21-25 of March 2019.

Article 2
Festival aims to support and encourage young filmmakers, turning Skopje into a launch pad for their ideas and stories.
The main festival program ( International competition ) will therefore feature directorial debut fiction, documentary, animated or experimental films, i.e. director’s first and second feature films from all over the world.

Article 3
Competing programs:
The Main Festival Program ( International competition ) will regularly feature director’s first and second feature films from all over the world.
Short films ( International short film competition )

Article 4
Additional, non-contesting programs:
World cinema overview
Overview of the Balkan cinematography
Tribute to one world acclaimed film director
Focus on
0% Censored

Article 5
Following regulations govern the submission of all films for the Main Program
( International competition ):
It must be the director’s first or second feature film of the director;
The lapse between the film's premiere and the beginning of the festival must not exceed 24 months
The film's duration must be over 70 minutes
No TV or web broadcasting of the film is permitted until the end of the festival

These regulations govern the submission of all films for the
Short film program ( International short film competition );
The film’s duration must not exceed 30 minutes;
The lapse between the film’s premiere and the beginning of the festival must not exceed 24 months
No TV or web broadcasting of the film is permitted until the end of the festival

Article 6
Following regulations govern the submission of all films for the additional, non-contesting programs:
No TV or web broadcasting of the film is permitted until the end of the festival
The film’s duration must be over 70 minutes
The film selection will prioritize regional premieres

Article 7
The festival main jury is international and consists of 3-7 distinguished representatives of the world’s film-making industry.
A separate international jury of 3-5 distinguished representatives of the world’s film-making industry will rule on the International short film competition.
A country may appoint no more than one representative to the jury.
The juries must have at least two sessions / meetings discussing films during the festival.
The Jury`s presidents of both juries have right to impose their opinion for the films in competition and their evaluation principles.
The jury’s verdicts are made with an open vote, whereby the majority decides. In a case of equal votes for two or more films, the vote of the Jury`s President will be decisive.

Article 8
Official festival awards that the Main festival jury will give:
Best feature film award
Best director award
Best screenplay award
This jury might give Special mention award

The award that the festival should give:
Award given by the audience:
Best film in the International competition according to the festival audience

International short film competition jury will give:
Best short film award
Best Macedonian short film award

This jury might give Special mention award.

The festival awards for 2019 include money prize for the following sections:
- 1000 Euro for the Best feature film at IFF Kinenova Skopje 2019
- 500 Euro for the Best short film at IFF Kinenova Skopje 2019

Article 9
Directors, producers, distributors, film production or distributing companies, national film institutions, or anyone authorized to represent the films may enter submissions for the competing and non-competing programs.
In order to complete the submission entry you must properly complete an official online entry form with the names of all the film contributors, a brief synopsis, a long synopsis, technical details, director’s biography and filmography, and a statement verifying that it is the director’s first or second long feature film if the film is submitted in the Main competition program International competition.
Incomplete entry forms will not be considered.

Article 10
Entering the online entry form for the submissions the applicants comply with the Festival Entry Rules and Regulations and guarantee for the information provided.

Article 11
Deadline for submitting the online entry form for the films in all the programs is 01 March 2019.

Article 12
There is entry fee that depends on the section.

Article 13
Film entries may be submitted in the form of password-protected URL links or DVDs sent to the following address: ul. Vic, No.20 – 3 / 9
All URL links must be active until 25 March 2019. The film must be accessible for download at the same link.
The DVD must contain the last version of the film in the original language that it was filmed in, and non-English films must have English subtitles.

Article 14
Festival reserves the right to keep the DVD copies of the films that will be shown in any festival program and to make additional digital copies for its film archives.

Article 15
Subject to a consent, the digital copies may be shown at free-of-charge non-commercial events.

Article 16
After the program selectors choose films for each category, the festival will inform by email the distributors, producers or the authorized representatives of the selected films.
The announcement of the final selection of the program selectors for each program section will be no later than 30 days prior to the festival opening.

Article 17
Each selected film in any festival program can be screened once as a premiere and can have no more than two reruns in the course of the festival.
Public broadcasting of the festival films is not permitted anywhere in Macedonia during the festival.

Article 18
Screening copies in HD or DCP format of the films selected in any festival program must be made available to the festival by no later than 10 March 2019.
Along with the film copy for the films selected in any festival program section, sending dialog lists in English, three film photos and a photo of the director is also required.
Sending a trailer, posters, and additional promo materials for the film is desirable, but optional.

Article 19
The festival reserves the right to reject technically defective film copies and low-quality copies that might obstruct the screening.

Article 20
Shipping fees for sending the film screening copies for all festival programs to Macedonia are borne by the participant.
The festival is obliged to return the film copies within 4 weeks from the festival closure to the address provided by the participant, covering all shipping fees.
In case of damage of the screening copy from its receipt at the festival center to the moment of delivery, the festival undertakes the obligation to compensate for the damage or make a new copy.

Article 21
The festival takes responsibility to protect and guard the screening copy from the moment it enters the festival center.
In case of damage of the screening copy during transportation, the festival has no obligation to compensate for the damage.

Article 22
The festival appoints a three-member jury of experts to evaluate the technical correctness of the film copies and their format (hard drivers, USB, 35mm film prints ) upon receipt and before shipping them back to the participant.

Article 23
The festival will invite the directors or screenwriters as representatives of the films in the International competition program section to take part in the event according to the financial capacity.
The festival takes responsibility to provide accreditations, accommodation, and travel expenses for the invited participants.

Article 24
The festival’s Council rules on any issues not mentioned under these Rules and Regulations and that are compliant with the organizer’s Statute.