MUVI - International Music Film Festival

Muvi // MUVI - Festival Internacional de Música no Cinema

3rd edition

Nov 29 - Dec 05, 2021
Lisboa, Portugal

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Documentary, Music video, Narrative fiction, TV
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Music, Musical

Mission / description Muvi is the only Portuguese Film Festival specifically geared towards music, and aims to be the stage where all audiovisual production that happens around music can shine.

From November 29th to December 5th the festival will invade the São Jorge Theater in Lisbon, Portugal. The line-up presents a main stage with a competition of Author Films, Videoclips, Documentaries and Biopics.

Out of competition, the Historical Chords Orchestra deserves a highlight. The secondary stages will filled with multidisciplinary arts - culture, music and cinema will dance in the same rhythm through talks, concerts, dj sets and exhibitions.
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Dates Open call: May 31, 2016

Early bird deadline: Jun 30, 2016
Regular deadline: Jul 31, 2016
Late deadline: Sep 30, 2016

Notification date: Oct 10, 2016
Plan OFF
Plan OFF
Plan OFF
Full length
Plan ON
All lengths
Early bird deadline    2.99 EUR    4.49 EUR    5.99 EUR    0.00 EUR
Regular deadline    2.99 EUR    4.49 EUR    5.99 EUR    0.00 EUR
Latest deadline    2.99 EUR    4.49 EUR    5.99 EUR    0.00 EUR
Restrictions Premiere status is not required
Category rules 1. Eligible films
Music documentary feature and short films, music biopics and music videos - sections International, National (exclusive for Portuguese films), Muvi Kids and Fresh Muvi -, in HD or film produced in 2016, preferably subtitled in Portuguese or in English.

2. Competitive sections and awards
The jury of the competitive sections will be composed of music and film professionals, and will award the prizes mentioned below:

Best International Music Film (doc or biopic) (feature)
Best International Music Film (doc or biopic) (short)
Best International music video
Best Portuguese Music Film (doc or biopic) (feature)
Best Portuguese Music Film (doc or biopic) (short)
Best Portuguese music video
Best Film Muvi Kids
Best Film Fresh Muvi
Audience award for best international film (feature + short)
Audience award for best national (Portuguese) film (feature + short)
Critics award for best international film (feature + short)
Critics award for best national (Portuguese) film (feature + short)

3. Admission to pre-selection
It’s essential the complete filling of the entry form at the festival site and to send a DVD/Bluray preview copy. WeTransfer/other file sharing sites or YouTube/Vimeo private/with password are also valid ways of sending your film. The registration for MUVI - International Music Film Festival is free.

Mention in the registration form if the selection copy is the final display copy. Please comply with the formats presented at point 06.

All preview copies for selection should be addressed to:

MUVI (A/C Filipe Pedro)
R. Dr. João Couto, Lote C
1500-236 Lisboa
The package should indicate the mention "SEM VALOR COMERCIAL/NO COMERCIAL VALUE".

The preview copy must be provided with subtitles in Portuguese or English if the film has comments or dialogues in other languages.

Applicants must ensure reception of the films at the festival before the deadline - September 15th 2016.

4. Selection
The festival board will inform the directors of the selected films and the respective copy contacts until September 30th 2016.

Soon after notification of selection, is required to send immediately to the festival via e-mail address the synopsis of the movie, the biography of the director and at least one picture of the film and one of the director - 300 DPI - for the catalog and for press promotion - and the list of dialogues of the film (in Portuguese and/or English and the original language) for subtitling.

5. Selection criteria
The festival board will consider all of the films from the selection candidates that meet the eligibility criteria described in paragraph 1 of this regulation.

For the International Competition, the festival selection committee will always consider a general criterion of quality taking also into account the preference for national or world premieres and films whose disclosure is considered of greatest interest.

In the Portuguese Competition, the selection committee will meet, above all, to a criterion of quality and focus on the films premiere or, at least, Portuguese premiere. In the case of films included in the programmes of Portuguese festivals taking place before the 3.º MUVI - MUVI - International Music Film Festival, the selection committee reserves the right to examine and decide on each case. The number and types of event each film has participated in will be determining factors.

6. Exhibition copies
The deadline for reception of the copy of the festival selected films for exhibition, together with eventual publicity material, is October 15th 2016.

The screening copies of the selected films must be provided in the following formats:

DCP 2K ou 4K;
Digital video - 720P, 1080P, 1440P (2K) or 2160P (4K) with the ‘frame rate’ of 24P, 25P or 30P, MP4 - H264 - Progressive scan, audio AAC-LC 48 khz Stereo (or more);
Film - 35mm.
Compliance with these characteristics of digital files is important to ensure the screening of the film in the best conditions. The festival is not responsible for the possible need to convert files whose characteristics differ from those above.

7. Important arrangements
Candidates will cover shipping costs to the festival of the DVD/Bluray preview copies and of exhibition copies. For both, a clearly visible inscription of "SEM VALOR COMERCIAL/NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" is necessary on the packages. Any film sent on the festival charge will have its reception refused and returned to sender.

The festival will pay only the shipping costs for returning the screening copies, after exhibition at the festival.

All films and videos in possession of the festival will be under insurance from reception until return.

The festival will only send back the DVD/Bluray preview copies of the non-selected films if that is assumed on the entry form, enfolding its charge on the destination.

Extracts of the selected films may be broadcasted on TV channels or embedded in the website on a context of festival's promotion, at most 10% of the film duration.

The festival won’t make any rental payment of copies of films in competition.

8. Festival extensions
The Festival organizes various extensions in several cities, in Portugal and abroad, from December 2016 to March 2017. Please indicate on the entry form whether to authorize the participation of your film in such sessions, as well as continued care of the copy at the festival until the end of April 2017.

9. Non specified cases and exceptions
The festival board reserves the right to consider and decide on any matter omitted in this regulation and decide, in exceptional circumstances, the inclusion of a film that does not fully comply.

Submissions for this category are closed.