MadSwell - Madeira Island Surf Film Festival

MadSwell // MadSwell - Festival de Cinema de Surf da Madeira

3rd edition

Jul 22 - Jul 24, 2021
Madeira Island, Portugal

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Documentary, Experimental, Industrial, Multimedia, Music video, Narrative fiction, Student, TV, Web
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Adventure, Alternative, Art, Classics, Comedy, Drama, Environmental, Family, Human rights, Independent, Music, Nature, Romance, Sports

Mission / description A Surf Film Festival in Madeira Island.
The European Hawaii at the Pear of the Atlantic.

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Class Founded: 2013
Festival category: C (national relevance, national player)
Dates Open call: Oct 01, 2015

Late deadline: Aug 14, 2015

Notification date: Aug 29, 2014

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Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Other prizes: Best features, best int'l short, best national short, honorific award
General rules Article 1.
The MADSWELL – MADEIRA ISLAND SURF FILM FESTIVAL is the film festival with a focus on the new forms of thinking; viewing and communicating, as well as to promote the surf and the high quality of the waves of the island for surfers wich are knowned as the European Hawaii.

Article 2.
The MADSWELL – MADEIRA ISLAND SURF FILM FESTIVAL is held annually and the 2th edition will take place on 19th and 20th of September, 2014.

Article 3.
The Festival has four sections.
3.1- International competitive section for Feature and Short Films: International competitive section for feature and short films, produced from January 1st of 2012. Short films must have 30 minutes, maximum. Films with more than 30 minutes are considered feature films.
3.2- National competitive Short Film Section: National competitive section for short films, produced from January 1st of 2012. Short films must have 30 minutes, maximum.
3.3- World Wave Section: International selection of length films from all over the world.
3.4- Retrospective and Homage Section: A selection of films, old and new, coming from an author, a country or illustrating a certain period in the history of filmmaking.

Article 4.
For the Short Films Competitive Section, the participating producers may present short films under the following conditions:
a) Films must have been produced during the last two years.
b) Short films must have 30 minutes, maximum.
c) Screening format: BLU-RAY, DVD and any other digital format if downloaded by the organization.

Article 5.
Will be only accepted entries that include the screening version of the film must be send with an Entry Form duly filled and signed. The deadline for Entry Forms is August 22nd, 2014.

Article 6.
6.1- To submit a film for selection, the producer must send to the Festival Head Office, at own expenses, an Entry Form and the film on BLU-RAY, DVD (all regions) or any DIGITAL FORMAT sended by Vimeo, Wetransfer, etc.
a) Films must be subtitled in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
b) Other relevant information:
• A Synopsis of the film in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
• Dialogue List of the film in English, French or Spanish for electronic translation.
• Two (2) digital photos of the film plus one (1) photo of the director (resolution: 300 dpi).
• Short biography and filmography of the director.
• A complete artistic and technical dossier.
• Trailer of the film.

6.2- The Festival haves the right to screen the film in competition two times during the event.
6.3- A pro-forma invoice specifying that the copy is being transferred on a temporary and basis as: “No Commercial Value. Exclusively for Cultural Purposes. For Festival Screening Only” must accompany the copy of the film.
6.4- All this materials will be not returned and the Festival will retain for its archive.

Article 7.
A committee appointed by the Organizers will select the films submitted to the Competitive Sections of the Festival.

Article 8.
Awards of the Festival
8.1- The International Jury whose decisions are irreversible, will award the following prizes:
a) “MADSWELL AWARD” for the Best Film.
b) “MADSWELL AWARD” for the Best International Short Film.
c) “MADSWELL AUDIENCE AWARD” (attributed by the Festival’s audience) to award the best Portuguese Short Film.
d) “MADSWELL HONORARY AWARD” for merit contributions to the film industry.

Article 9.
The Organizing Committee will decide on all matters not provided in these regulations, in compliance with the application of the International Regulations for Film Festivals.

Article 10.
The participation in MADSWELL – MADEIRA ISLAND SURF FILM FESTIVAL presupposes knowledge of and an acceptance of these regulations.