Mongolia International Film Festival

MIFF // Mongolia Film Festival

Jun 20 - Jun 20, 2021
Urgamal, Mongolia

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Experimental, Multimedia, Narrative fiction, Student, Web
Film length

Mission / description Celebrates films that bring independent spirit and an original voice to cinema.

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Class Founded: 2010
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Early bird deadline: Nov 24, 2015
Regular deadline: Apr 20, 2016
Late deadline: May 23, 2016

Notification date: Jun 06, 2016

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Fees Fees range from 15.00 to 55.00 EUR (0.00 to 0.00 USD) . See submission categories for details about fees.
Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Other prizes: Golden Genghis Khan Award
Market Type: Co-Productions, Scripts / New Projects, Completed Films
General rules 1) For a greener planet, Mongolia International Film Festival only accepts online submissions.

2) Upon submission of a project, the user certifies that all materials submitted to Mongolia International Film Festival is his or her own work, and that all other information provided, is true and factual.

3) If film is selected for participation, the organisers are allowed to extract material from any parts of the film for publicity purposes (i.e images for posters and scene clips, if required).

4) Mongolia International Film Festival holds no responsibilities and liabilities to continue the actual festival in the event of unforeseen interruptions.

5) Mongolia International Film Festival will take reasonable care to protect all information received, but in the event of information theft, the organisation is void of responsibilities, related profits, expenses and liabilities arising from the incident.

6) Mongolia International Film Festival will take reasonable care to protect all materials received. However, in the event where similar or identical materials, in terms of idea, plot, theme or other elements, have been created by the festival staff members, the festival and its staff are void of responsibilities and the obligation to compensate. Similar or identical materials are purely coincidental and have been independently created.

7) Mongolia International Film Festival reserves the right to organise the presentation of materials in any order.

8) Please keep the festival informed of any address, phone or email changes.