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Short Com // Short Com

6th edition

Aug 12 - Aug 13, 2020
London, United Kingdom

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Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Documentary, Music video, Student, TV, Web
Film length
Genre Comedy, Comedy drama

Mission / description Short Com is a comedy short film programme run by creative director Chris Aitken and volunteers. We find the best comedy films and put them up on a big screen for a live audience to enjoy. By best we mean funny, or utterly charming, in independent comedy short films.

Short Com started off as a bit of a brain fart that there must be a large culture of independent filmmakers making great comedic content but not finding its way on to big screens and live audiences. With growing support and encouragement from audiences and filmmakers, Short Com has become one of the leading comedy short film programmes in the UK showcasing in several major cities with its events being hosted by some of the best comedy talent in the country, including Dan Antopolski, Nadia Kamil, That Pair, Mick Ferry and Josie Long.

Short Com is ran from a core belief that there is an abundance of talent making comedy short films that deserve to be celebrated. We are also passionate about supporting charities that deal with mental health and people feeling suicidal. Thus our showcase events also act as fundraisers for our chosen charities CALM and the Scottish Association of Mental Health.

Last year we managed to raise over £600 for the charity CALM via voluntary donations via screenings. This year we want to raise more for both CALM and the Scottish Association of Mental Health via other methods and innovative processes.

Why Submit?

Why submit to Short Com? Short Com prides itself on the quality of its programme. There is a great deal of honour to selected filmmakers who make it to the annual best of screenings. Besides its growing favourable reputation, we screen in several major cities and are looking to continue this trend by playing in more cities and festivals in 2015 and even the potential outside of Great Britain. Thus more audiences from far and wide for successful filmmakers.

Comedy shorts are an under-appreciated art form and sometimes some of these shorts don’t always fit in with other short film festival programmes, thus why Short Com is a perfect home for them. Our aim is to be the leading comedy shorts programme in the UK and what does get selected is high calibre and tested on audiences before making its way to the end of year best of programme.

So why submit and not just try your luck online? There are no guarantees that a film going online will go viral. For a filmmaker, it is hard to engage how an audience reacts to your film. A like or view count on Youtube doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Plus mainly there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction seeing a live audience appreciate the film that you made, it’s why I started Short Com. Festivals act as a badge of honour and that’s what Short Com intends to be. Short Com doesn’t reserve rights over a selected film. Filmmakers are free to distribute and negotiate their own deals as they please. What we will do is to do our best to bring short film sales agents and key industry personnel working in TV and comedy come to our screenings.

To see why Short Com supports CALM, click the following link “Why CALM?”

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