Short Waves Festival

SWF // Short Waves Festival

10th edition

Mar 20 - Mar 25, 2018
Poznań, Poland

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Docu-feature, Documentary, Experimental, Hybrids, Music video, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Mid-length, Short

Film screenings, prestigious awards, exibitions of modern art, industry meetings, workhops and masterclasses, festival clubs.
Society, culture, film, art, dance, music along with all current changes among them.

Short Waves Festival is a network of film events scattered around the urban space of Poznań. Its core consists of competition screenings – a carefully put together selection of outstanding short films divided into four categories: International Competition, Polish Competition, Dances with Camera and Urban View.

The Festival program is diverse and includes not only narratives, documentaries and animations, but video arts, music video and experimental forms as well.
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Description Dances with Camera is organised as a part of Short Waves Festival 2018. It is an international competition for short films, whose common language is dance, movement and broadly defined physical expression. The competition is open to dance films, regardless of styles and genres. To participate in the selection are also welcome documentary and experimental forms, combining dance with different film genres, visual arts and media.
Dates Open call: Jun 06, 2017

Early bird deadline: Sep 09, 2017
Regular deadline: Oct 10, 2017
Late deadline: Nov 11, 2017

Notification date: Dec 11, 2017
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All lengths
Early bird deadline    7.99 EUR    5.00 EUR
Regular deadline    12.99 EUR    10.00 EUR
Latest deadline    12.99 EUR    10.00 EUR
Plan OFF prices include the FFL service fee; this is why a fee applies even for festivals without fees.
Plan ON prices guarantee the cheapest price among platforms.
Submitting with a Film Plan on FFL is cheaper than submitting 'for free' on other platforms.
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Restrictions Film mustn't have been finished before Jan 01, 2016
Premiere status is not required
Category rules 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS:
1.1. SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL 2018 is organised by Fundacja Edukacji Kulturalnej Ad Arte (Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education), herinafter reffered to as the Organiser, based at Hawelańska 1 Street, 61-625 Poznań, Poland.
1.2. SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL 2018, hereinafter referred to as the Festival, will take place between 20-25th March 2018 in Poznań.
1.3. Film submissions will be open from 6th June to 10th October 2017.
1.4. Entrance fee should be paid upon one’s entering the Competition (section 4 of the Rules).
1.5. Films will be selected by the Organiser.
1.6. The participants of films qualified for the Competition will be informed directly (by phone or e-mail) on 11th December 2017.
1.7. The authors of films qualified for the Competition will be asked by the Organiser to send the screening copy of the film by electronic means until 20th December 2017.
1.8. If the submitter fails to meet the due date of sending the copy, the Organiser has the right to refuse accepting the film and select another participant of the Competition.
1.9. The winners of the Competition will receive prize money (section 6 of the Rules).
1.10. Information about the awarded films will be announced on the Festival’s website and social media profiles.

2.1. Short film forms that were made no sooner than on 1st January 2016 may be submitted to Dances with Camera Competition.
2.2. Maximum length of the film is 30 minutes.
2.3. The form and theme of the film is not subject to any regulations.
2.4. Films may be submitted to the Competition only by means of FilmFestivalLife.
2.5. In order to submit the film one should create an account on FilmFestivalLife and follow directions provided on the portal.
2.6. Films taking part in the Festival may be submitted by natural or legal persons and groups of people submitting as one participant (group participant) that are producers who have the right to dispose of the submitted film, or who have received permission from the producer owning those rights.
2.7. The participant submitting a film to the Festival must possess copyright laws, which include music used in the film's soundtrack and choreography (if concerns) in case the creator is not one of the film’s co-author. In any other case the participant is obliged to attach a statement defining the legal situation of the film.
2.8. The Organiser reserves the right not to accept the film for the Competition when the requirements described in sections 2.1-2.7 are not met.

3.1. When submitting the film one should:
- fill in the online entry form (all the information required by FilmFestivalLife should be provided as well as such details as the English title of the film, its original title, available dialogue lists, release date and the place of the film premiere),
- attach a preview copy of the film with English subtitles, if the movie is not English-speaking,
- attach dialogue lists in both the original language and in English that include time codes in SRT file (no hardcoded subtitles),
- attach 3 stills from the film (300dpi),
- attach the director’s picture (200dpi).
3.2. Submitters whose films have been selected to participate in the Competition are required to send the Organiser a screening copy of the film with MOV or MP4 file in FULL HD (other aspect ratios will be boxed to 1920x1080), one audio track with stereo mix. Screening copies may be sent by electronic means for example or the Organiser’s FTP server (data required to send the film will be provided via e-mail to participants on demand).
3.3. The Organiser has the right to refuse to accept the film when its technical quality
is faulty.

4.1. The participant of the Competition is required to pay initial fee via FilmFestivalLife.
4.2. From 6th June until 9th September 2017 initial fee is EUR 5, from 10th September 2017 until 10th October 2017 it is EUR 10.
4.3. This sum does not include FilmFestivalLife handling charge which is EUR 2,99 for films shorter than 30 minutes.
4.4. Final payment is a sum of fees charged by the Organiser and FilmFestivalLife.
4.5. Participation fee can be made only by online payment system Paypal.

5.1. Upon submitting the film the submitter consents that the film will be screened three times during the Festival. The aforementioned screenings will be free of charge.
5.2. Upon submitting the film the submitter whose film selected to the Competition, consents that the film will be screened five times till the end of 2018 as a part of Festival’s promotion. The aforementioned screenings will be free of charge.
5.3. The submitter undertakes to cover expenses if they decide to withdraw the film from the Festival without any reason.
5.4. Submitting a film to the Competition is equal to giving the Organiser the right to use promotional data and film fragments (a trailer or a max. 2 minute-long fragment of the film) free of charge in any promotional actions linked to the organization of the Festival.
5.5. The Organiser reserves the right to prepare dialogue lists in languages other than English.

6.1. The decision to grant Dances with Camera Award is made by the jury chosen by the Organiser.
1st Dances with Camera Award – PLN 4 000 (around EUR 1 000)
2nd Dances with Camera Award – PLN 2 000 (around EUR 500)
3rd Dances with Camera Award – PLN 1 000 (around EUR 250)
6.2. The jury may also grant special mentions.
6.3. Dances with Camera Audience Award and PLN 1 000 (around EUR 250) will be granted by the audience of competition screenings who will cast their votes for the chosen film using voting cards prepared by the Organiser.
6.4. The Organiser reserves the right to change the amount of prize money and the way it is divided.
6.5. The monetary value of the award will be decreased by flat-rate income tax which is equal to 10% of the sum of money and will be paid by the Organiser of on behalf of the awarded winner.

7.1. Submitting a film to the Festival is tantamount to accepting these Rules.
7.2. Declaring one’s participation in the Competition is tantamount to consenting to the fact that the participant allows their personal data to be processed by the Organiser in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No 133, item 833).
7.3. The Organiser reserves the right to change the date and the duration of both the Festival and the Competition without stating causes if it does not affect the acquired rights of the participants of the Festival.
7.4. All matters not stated in these regulations are decided on by the Festival's Organiser represented by the Director of the Festival.

Submissions for this category are closed.