Super International Teenager Film Festival

Super // Super Festivalul de Filme F?cute de Adolescen?i

5th edition

May 19 - May 22, 2020
Bucharest, Romania

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
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Mission / description Super! is the festival showing shorts made by teenagers, full of art, movies, workshops, courses and parties! Super started in 2013, out of the wish of some teenagers to have a space to screen their films and to meet other people who have the same passions as they do. full text less text

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Class Founded: 2018
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Jan 16, 2017

Late deadline: Mar 01, 2017

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Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
General rules Who is eligible for submitting films to the festival? Super! is a festival which screens films directed by young adults, ages 14 to 19, who have not yet enrolled in college.
Film Criteria. The festival accepts films of any genre or thematic, but must not be more than 40 minutes in length. However, if you do decide to submit a film longer than 40 minutes, do not fear, for a special screening could be organized just for your film! Also, keep in mind that if the films are not presented in English, they require English subtitles. We do not accept films which endorse any kind of hate or discrimination (based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, nationality etc).
Deadlines. Submissions will be received from February 7th to April 20th 2015. The selection of the films will take place before May 10th, which is when the selected films will be announced both on the Super! website and Facebook page.
What categories can films fall in? Films can be accepted into the competition or screened as a part of various projections, each with a different theme. These projections will be categories which won’t be judged for the competition.
How do I submit my film? Submissions will be made by e-mail to or by a message to To make the viewing of the films in the selection process easier, we prefer that the films be posted online through websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, but unlisted or requiring a password. We also accept films sent through WeTransfer,, or other file-sharing sites. If you’re having trouble sending your film(s) through any of the platforms listed above, e-mail us and we will surely find a way to receive and view your film!
Submission Form. It is very important that the form is completed in its entirety and attached to the e-mail/message which contains the links to the films. The form can be completed through a Microsoft Word document specifying the following:
Name, e-mail, phone number, age, and the name of the school you are studying at
The names of each member of the production crew which took part in the making of your film
A synopsis of your film, 100 words tops
The context of your film (How/why did you make it? Was it an extracurricular activity? A certain cinematography program you took part in? Did you make it for school purposes?)
Post-selection. Once your film has been selected to be screened, you cannot withdraw it from the festival. Once the selection has been made, the directors of the films selected must be prepared to provide additional information as well as the film in a format adequate for screening, requested by the respective cinema, such as Quicktime, MP4, MPEG, etc. This ensures that the screenings will be viewed in the highest quality possible.
Prizes. The films deemed the best will be awarded the Super! prize, an honorable mention from the jury, or the public’s choice award. The jury will be made up of an adult who is an active member of the “film world” and two high school students.
Super’s use of your sent materials. The festival will be able to use fragments of your film (1 minute tops) for promotional clips. The information filled out on your form will be used to provide some background information about you and your film in our festival catalog, as well as on our website and blog. A single film can be screened up to 5 times during the duration of the festival.
Even though we do stress the importance of these guidelines, we don't want to miss any really good films because they didn't comply to our rules, so please contact us for any questions you might have or if you want to send ”non-conforming” films (