THESS International Short Film Festival

TiSFF // AZA International Short Film Festival

11th edition

Dec 13 - Dec 17, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Any type, Animation, Narrative fiction
Film length

Mission / description "TiSFF is a festival for purists and film lovers.
It has the best selection of films of any festival we have attended.
I watched over 50 of the best short films at TiSFF 2016".
Dejan Mrkic , director of SILENCE /U.K.

It always struck me how audacious the program of TISFF was.
Something I profoundly admire as pushing boundaries is exactly what art and here more specifically, short films should be all about....people start to realize getting selected for TiSFF means a lot, even more so than for other Oscar Qualifying or big name short film festivals... what TISFF stands for: giving a voice to people who might one day change the landscape of Cinema.
Wim Vanacker, director & Head of NISI MASA

The quality of the films presented was extremely impressive, which made me even more proud of being part of the game…The creativity of the films chosen was fantastic. And the way films were combined to provide some amazing programs was clever and sensitive.
Patrick Guedj

..priceless !!!, when visiting directors from Paris, Brussels, Moscow, London, Denmark,Serbia, Kosovo, Istanbul, write words as the above !

TiSFF takes place since 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is highly focused on cutting-edge shorts cinema that indeed advance the art of cinema.

Shorts initially screened in TiSFF have reached prestigious festival as nominees and very often winners, CEZAR awards, OSCARS, EFA etc. etc.

The 11th edition will take place in late September 2017 in Thessaloniki.
Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2016
*** English subs are required even if dialogues are in english. international short film festival, focusing on cutting-edge fiction films. However documentaries, animation, experimental films of outstanding quality will certainly be considered.

From the four corners of the planet, TiSFF's team selects with demanding criteria cutting-edge works of cinematic art representing the new narrative and aesthetic trends in tomorrow's filmmaking.

TiSFF is an annual event dedicated to pure cinema, not cinema as an excuse to create an event . and thus attracts a cinephile public that knows cinema very well, knows what is looking for, where to find it and what cinematic quality and love for cinema means.

Wim Vanacker, awarded director & Head of NISI MASA writes:
.."it always struck me how audacious the program of TISFF was. Something I profoundly admire as pushing boundaries is exactly what art and here more specifically, short films should be all about, be it as a director or a programmer.
,,,"As I work with many European Film Professionals as NISI MASA’s Head of the Script Department, it’s something I notice over and over again, how TISFF is growing and gaining importance as people start to realize getting selected for TISFF means a lot, even more so than for other Oscar Qualifying or big name short film festivals as in Yiannis and his vision of Cinema we trust. "....

Every year, TiSFF also showcases “special” programs as tributes to Danish Cinema, Basque Cinema, Cinema Quebecois, Polish Cinema, Russian Cinema, Belgian Cinema, as well as tributes to film schools as LA FEMIS, LODZ .

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Description *** IMPORTANT subtitles in english are necessary even for films with english dialogues !!! Awards given each year to directors who have achieved cinematic excellence, producing unforgettable short films
Dates Open call: Feb 15, 2017

Early bird deadline: Apr 30, 2017
Regular deadline: Jun 15, 2017
Late deadline: Aug 15, 2017

Notification date: Sep 23, 2017
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Category rules Article 1
THESS International Short Film Festival, TISFF is organized by THESS FEST Cultural Civil Non-Profit Company every year in Sept/Oct in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The festival aims to provide a showcase for high cinematic quality short films by creative film-makers who promote the art of cinema.

Article 2
Entry Conditions:
• Each director may participate in the festival with a limit of two films.
• TISFF focuses on “fiction” films but documentaries/animation/music video/experimental films of exceptional quality will be considered for screening.
• All films must have embedded english subtitles, even if dialogs are in English
• The total duration of the film should not exceed thirty (30’) minutes, however longer films of outstanding quality will be considered.

Article 3
The program and the order of the projections are defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

Article 4
The official Entry Form of the Festival ( must by duly completed, printed and signed and sent with your film by July 15, 2014 to:

THESS International Short Film Festival 2014
AZA Cinema Club
6, Alex. Svolou st.

Each Entry Form must be accompanied by:
Film in AVI, MOV, MKV or MP4 AND a back-up dvd, DVD-video PAL
note: both must have embedded English subtitles
Alternative: On-line submission via FilmFestivalLife at:
Two (2) photos from the film & one of the director, in high-resolution
Trailer of the film and promotional material (optional)

Article 5
The Organizing Committee of the Festival has chosen not to have 1st, 2nd etc. prizes, but simply award a CINEMATIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to the best films of the festival that are indeed of a cinematic achievement and importance.

Article 6
TiSFF is not responsible for any loss of material before or after the end of the actual event.

Article 7
The copy of the film submitted to the Festival along with the entry form and the promotional material will remain in the archives of the Festival.

Article 8
THESS International Short Film Festival reserves the right to project part of the films that have been sent, in and out of the area of the Festival, whenever it is needed for reasons of promotion of the Festival and not for commercial purposes.

Article 9
THESS International Short Film Festival in the frame of its other activities, such as partnership with other festivals or additional “best of” screenings, reserves the right to
project a selection of the participating films beyond the specified date of the festival. This in fact if for the benefit of outstanding directors as well.

Article 10
The use of any recording device in the area of the Festival without the permission of the Organizing Committee is strictly forbidden.

Article 11
Parts of the event will be filmed. Members of the audience and participating artists that may appear in these parts have no claim from the Organizing Company.

Article 12
THESS FEST Cultural Civil Non Profit Company reserves the right to cancel the festival due to circumstances beyond its control.

Article 13
In case of dispute, the Greek version of the regulations of participation is considered as valid. Responsible for legal disputes are the Legal Courts of Thessaloniki.

Article 14
The dispatch of the signed entry form implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of the above regulations of participation.

Submissions for this category are closed.