Taratsa International Film Festival

Taratsa International Film Festival

4th edition

Aug 23 - Aug 28, 2021
Thessaloniki, Greece

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Foreign, Horror, Independent, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Mystery, Nature, , Parody, Post modern, Realism, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Surreal, Underground, Urban

Mission / description Taratsa is an independent international short film festival based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It began in August 2014, integrated in the framework of “Thessaloniki European Youth Capital”. Its purpose is to create a framework for the promotion of independent short films from Greece and all over the world -by bringing the audience closer to the production and establishing a place and time for the substantial interaction and artistic expression between the creators- as well as to present films that are considered benchmarks in the history of cinema.

The winners of the contest will be awarded by a jury with the following awards:

«Award for Best Movie»
«Award for Best Director»
«Award for Best Screenplay»
«Award for Best Cinematography»
«Award for Best Editing»
«Audience Award»

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Festival website http://www.taratsaiff.com

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Class Founded: 2014
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Apr 01, 2017

Regular deadline: May 31, 2017
Late deadline: May 31, 2017

Notification date: Jun 20, 2017

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Awards Total prize money: 0.00 USD
Other prizes: «Award for Best Movie» «Award for Best Director» «Award for Best Screenplay» «Award for Best Cinematography» «Award for Best Editing» «Audience Award»
General rules 4th Taratsa IFF
Rules and Regulations for participation

1. Introduction
Taratsa International Film Festival is an independent international short film festival based in Thessaloniki, Greece, organized by the cultural non-profit civil partnership 360 Degrees. For 2017, Taratsa IFF will take place in Thessaloniki, from 23 to 27 August 2017.

2. Festival Section
The 4th Taratsa IFF is composed of the following sections:
a. The International Competition Section
Short fictional films by new creators from all around the world. Competing for Best International Film Award and the Audience Award.
b. The Student Competition Section
Short fictional films, made by current students from all around the world. Competing for Best Student Film Award.
c. Parallel Screenings Section (Out of Competition)
Short fictional, experimental, documentary or animated films from all around the world.

3. Entry Conditions
a. Production of selected films must have been completed within the years 2015-2017.
b. The film must not exceed 30 minutes in duration.
c. For all the competition sections: The films must not be promotional (e.g. tourism), documentary, experimental, educational, scientific or animation.
d. Unfinished versions of films will not be considered.

4. Submission of films for preselection
a. Films can be submitted to one or more of the sections mentioned above.
b. Along with the official Taratsa IFF application, the submission must contain:
- The film (maximum 1920* 1080 or 1280*720 resolution, MOV, AVI, MP4 format with embedded English Subtitles) or a password protected streaming link of the film (preferable)
- Two screenshots taken for the film in the format mentioned above
- An English summary of the plot no more than 150 words
- A picture of the creator in 300dpi
- Trailer of the submitted film – optional
- Links associated with the film (site, facebook page or imdb page) – optional
c. The submission and participation of a film in the Festival imply acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for participation. In any unforeseen eventuality, the decision of the Festival Directorship is final.
d. If a film was submitted and considered for previous editions of the Taratsa IFF, it may be re- submitted, if all applicable eligibility requirements are met at the time of entry for Taratsa IFF 2017(see above).
e. Since the application and the film are submitted, it is not possible to withdraw it.
f. Submitters or creators may submit more than one film. Each film submission must be with all the required documentation.

5. Closing date and fee for submission
a. The submission and the upload of the film must be completed no later than May 31st, 2017. Incomplete or misleading Entry Forms or documentation will not be considered.

6. Selected Films
a. All submitted films must be screened in their original language with English subtitles. Otherwise, they will not be considered.
b. It is mandatory to provide the Festival with all the required documentation.
c. Any submitted film that fails to meet the technical requirement will not be considered.
d. After selected, the submitter of the film will be asked to provide the Festival with a protected streaming link of the film with embeded English subtitles (1920* 1080 or 1280* 720 resolution).
e. Along with notification, the submitter will receive Τaratsa IFF Laurel.
f. Regardless selected or not, all the submitters will be notified via email of their status by early June 2017, as soon as each contact information is up to date.
g. Films selected to participate in the Taratsa IFF 2017 program will be consider as the most appropriate by Festival programmers in their sole discretion.
h. Selected films will be possibly additionally screened (screenings at the Festival’s events or its partners), after the Organizing Committee of the Festival has decided so and notified the submitter.
i. Due to the large volume of the submissions, the programmers are not expected to offer their individual critiques in case of a no chosen film.

7. Festival responsibilities
a. The process of selection and of the submitted films will be conducted by an independent, qualified and objective jury.
b. The screening order of the selected films and the general program are determined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival and will be announced on the internet at least one week before the Festival.
c. The screening conditions of the selected films are up to the Organizing Committee of the Festival to decide and execute.
d. For promotion of the entire selection and of each selected film, the Festival Organizing Committee is allowed to use any photo or digital film clip (less than 3' duration) on the Web or through printed publications.
e. Publication writings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival.
f. The Festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.

8. Official prizes and jury
a. The Taratsa IFF 2017 Juries will be invited by the Artistic Director and the President of the Festival. Persons directly associated with the production or exploitation of a film in competition may not serve as judges.
b. The Festival's Jury is composed of five personalities from the world of cinema and culture.
c. Festival's jury will award the prizes for all the competition section. They will be announced in the closing ceremony of the Festival, on August 27, 2017.
d. Prizes are subject to change for Taratsa IFF 2017 by the Festival in its sole discretion. They will have been officially announced by the end of May.

9. Prizewinners
a. The Organizing Committee of the Festival will notify the submitters of the prizewinner films right after the jury’ s decision and before the public announcement. They will be asked to participate in any way to the closing ceremony of the Festival, on August 27, 2017.
b. Prizewinners will receive their prices by the end of October, 2017.
c. Prizewinner films will be additionally screened (screenings at the Festival’s events or its partners).