Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

TINFF // Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

5th edition

Sep 18 - Sep 19, 2021
Toronto, Canada

Open Call Jun 21, 2020 - May 24, 2021  Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Alternative, Art, Biography, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Film noir, Foreign, Hip Hop, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Kids, LGBT, Live Action, Melodrama, Microcinema, Mockumentary, Music, Musical, Mystery, Nature, News, , Realism, Reality, Religious, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Spiritual, Sports, Surreal, Thriller, Transgender, Underground, Urban, War, Western

Mission / description Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) Is Now An

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Rate Favorite Share Submit your film SELECT SUBMISSION CATEGORY Best Actor Best Actress Best Animated film Best Art Director Best Cinematography Best Comedy Best Costume Best Director Best Documentary Best Editing Best Feature Film (African + Gallywood) Best Feature Film (Bollywood) Best Feature Film (Canada) Best Feature Film (Hollywood-USA / Canada/ International ) Best Feature Film (International) Best Feature Film (Nollywood) Best Feature Film Caribbean Best Female Filmmaker (Producer / Director) Best Gospel Video Best Horror Best Movie Poster Best Music - Non Visual (Audio Only Category) Best Music Video Best Original Music Score Best Photography Best Producer Best Reality Shows Best Sci-Fi Best Short Film (Any category) Best Student film Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Trailer Best vBlog Best Visual Effects Best Web Series First Feature Screenplay under 120 pages Screenplay under 30 pages Screenplay under 60 pages

Best Actor

Dates Open call: Jun 21, 2020

Early bird deadline: Nov 30, 2020
Regular deadline: Jan 31, 2021
Late deadline: May 24, 2021

Notification date: May 31, 2021
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All lengths
Early bird deadline    12.99 EUR    14.49 EUR    15.99 EUR    10.00 EUR
Regular deadline    17.99 EUR    19.49 EUR    20.99 EUR    15.00 EUR
Latest deadline    27.99 EUR    29.49 EUR    30.99 EUR    25.00 EUR
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Restrictions Premiere status is not required
Category rules Rules & Regulations:

The competition is open to films from Canada, Nollywood, Bollywood, USA-Hollywood, and International entries. Please check individual categories and submit suitable categories to your project.

Feature films are 30 minutes in length or longer. Short films are under 30 minutes in length. All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.

All Entries with or without distribution deal are welcome.

Films previously entered into and screened at our festival are eligible for one additional re-entry in subsequent years.

Entries must be submitted to pre-screening online. See our submission section If you use a secured link, you are REQUIRED to keep us updated with passwords.

Works in progress are accepted. We cannot promise that we will be able to watch re-edited submissions. Please only submit works in progress if submitting close to the final deadline.

TINFF confirms that the festival has the permission to exhibit your film(s) during the festival and /or at any other Festival event. Submission of a work implies that the Festival can employ moving image excerpts and reproduce stills for exhibition promotion. Credit will be given to any filmmaker or screenwriter of such material is used in Festival promotion. The Original copyright holder retains all rights to their work.

You may submit multiple entries but must pay an entry fee for each.

If the movie has nudity or sex. The movie should have a strong storyline, however, we are strictly not accepting any movies about porn, animal cruelty.

To submit a Film for Festival consideration, Applicants must complete the registration process at FilmFreeWay and pay the required fee by the deadlines. Submissions must be postmarked or an online submitted. Submitted DVDs must contain one version only of the Film, in the original language of production, with English subtitles if the original language is not English.
DVDs must be labeled in the following manner: Title. Production company name, phone number, and address. Director’s name. Length of minutes and tracking number.

Where the applicant chooses to forward a DVD instead of an online screener, the Applicant is responsible for ensuring that the submitted DVD screener plays in its entirety on an industry-standard DVD player. If TINFF is unable to view the DVD, TINFF is under no obligation, to contact the Applicant in order to obtain a replacement DVD.

TINFF will not review multiple versions of a submitted Film. Only one version of the Film may be submitted. If multiple versions are submitted, TINFF will view only the version that was received first.
Note! DVD screeners will not be returned.

All Films must be sent by way of prepaid shipping. TINFF will not accept cash-on-delivery shipments or be responsible for duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Charges are to be billed to the sender. TINFF is not responsible for and will not accept shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Shipping and customs charges are to be billed to the sender. Any shipping charges incurred by TINFF will be billed back to the Applicant.

About our Waiver Policy:

We believe in a fair policy to each and every filmmaker. We try to keep reasonable fees for all submissions and we offer regular discounts to students and new filmmakers, however, no waivers at this stage.


I/We have read all of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) rules.

I/We understand and have complied with these rules.
I/We warrant the submission of my/our original work and there are no disputes regarding the ownership of the submission.
I/We also warrant the submitted material does not defame or invade the rights of any person living or dead and I/we fully indemnify the Festival against any claim made for such violations of law.

To the best of my/our knowledge, all of the statements herein are true and correct.
I/We understand that failure to adhere to the Festival rules will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.

I/We agree to hold TINFF harmless from and defend them against all claims, demands, losses, damages, judgments, liabilities, and expenses (including Legal fees) arising out of or in connection with any and all claims of third parties, whether or not groundless, based on any film submitted to the Festival. I understand that the festival projection format may change and I will be notified of the required format once my film is accepted.

All selected Films must be available to screen, we will inform you on the appropriate screening format.