International Uranium Film Festival

The Atomic Cannes / Urânio Em Moviemento // International Uranium Film Festival

10th edition

May 21 - May 31, 2021
Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Brazil

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Animation, Docu-feature, Documentary, Narrative fiction, Student, TV
Film length Full length, Mid-length, Short
Genre Action, Adventure, Art, Avantgarde, B-Movie, Biography, Burlesque, Classics, Comedy, Comedy drama, Crime, Culture, Dark comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Environmental, Film noir, Foreign, Health, History, Horror, Human rights, Independent, Medical, Melodrama, Mockumentary, Mystery, Nature, News, Post modern, Realism, Reality, Romance, Romantic comedy, Satire, Science, Science fiction, Silent movie, Social issues, Surreal, Thriller, Urban, War, Western

Mission / description The festival is dedicated to all films about nuclear power and the risks of radioactivity, from uranium mining to nuclear accidents and nuclear waste. From Hiroshima to Fukushima. It throws light on all nuclear issues.

The Uranium Film Festival is a project against forgetting and ignoring. The horror of atomic bombs and uranium weapons, and nuclear accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Goiânia or now Fukushima should never be forgotten - nor repeated.
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Class Founded: 2010
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Nov 01, 2019

Early bird deadline: Dec 30, 2019
Regular deadline: Jan 01, 2020
Late deadline: Feb 01, 2020

Notification date: Mar 01, 2020

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Awards Total prize money: 1.00 USD
Other prizes: Yellow Einstein Award
General rules DATE AND SITE
The International Uranium Film Festival takes place every year in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May/June. Further Uranium Film Festivals are planned in Hollywood, Berlin and Paris in 2017.

The International Uranium Film Festival is the first international film festival to highlight all nuclear and radioactive issues. It wants to inform not only the Brazilian and Latin American societies about nuclear risks. In addition the festival wants to stimulate
worldwide the discussion about our “nuclear societies” and the production of independent documentaries and movies about the whole nuclear fuel chain, about the
dangers of radioactivity about the environmental and health risks of uranium exploration, mining and processing, about the use of radioactivity in medicine and food production.
The International Uranium Film Festival wants to promote, show and award prizes to
short (up to 40 min) and feature- length (longer than 40 min) films, movies and videos
focusing on any nuclear energy, uranium and radioactive issues produced in any part of
the world at any time!