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From the catalogue:
Däwit (David Jansen)

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Je Crie ton Nom (Oskar Rosetti)

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Running Through Life (Helene Moltke-Leth)

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From the catalogue:
Love Is A Sting (Vincent Gallagher)

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From the catalogue:
Perfect Killing (Julian A. Ch. Kernbach)

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Eisen (Benjamin Kahlmeyer)

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From the catalogue:
Dissonant (Jurgen Willocx)

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From the catalogue:
wHole (Verena Klinger & Robert Banning)

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From the catalogue:
Stutterer (Benjamin Cleary)

The FFL Agency is a FilmFestivalLife division for festival submissions management aimed at helping the most outstanding films find exposure on the global film festival circuit at an affordable price point. This allows filmmakers to fully dedicate their precious time to their actual job: making films.

Only the hottest films get a chance to join the exclusive roster of FFL Agency films. We don't look at the filmmaker's education or background. Great films speak for themselves through excellence: whether it's the performances, the visuals, the dramaturgy or simply the unique signature of the director.

The Benefits

We create an individual, fluid festival strategy with an average of 10 festival submissions per month, to the most relevant festivals picked specifically for your film.

Full management of your submissions on all the leading platforms.
No more worries about deadlines and administration.
Print Logistics
We cover all preliminary communication with the festivals to ensure you have all the specific information regarding their travel and accommodation policy for invited films, and to help you coordinate material delivery.

We make sure that your screening copies reach the festivals, in the required formats and on time.
We know the people behind the festivals.
We help you to get festival fee waivers and discounts at major festivals.

You give us your entry fees limit per month and we'll adjust the strategy accordingly.
We want the festival world to fall in love with your film as much as we did.
We will use the strength of the FFL brand to help you shine.

Through our social media channels and email lists we have powerful marketing tools to let everyone know how good you and your film are.
The different services mentioned above can be booked altogether or individually.
The basic package (strategy and submissions) starts at 100 EUR/month.

Special deals can be negotiated individually.

The Roster

A struggling children’s book writer gains an unexpected house guest in the form of an ageing, hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel.
LOVE IS A STING, Directed by Vincent Gallagher
Working with Film Festival Life helped us navigate the uncharted territories of the festival landscape. They were friendly and professional on all levels and helped us break into the East Coast USA festival circuit. We were honoured that "wHole" was chosen for their catalogue among so many other great works of art. Here's to future collaborations!
wHole Stopmotion Team, wHole
”It's been really good to work with you as insiders, with all your expertise in festival strategy. Using your contacts and all the discounts also really helped, as we’re working on such a small budget. It just makes sense and has been really good so far.”
Benjamin Cleary, Stutterer (Oscar Winner 2016)
Ali, a Palestinian-Israeli teenager, tries to fit in with an Israeli activist peace group, but in a violent stricken society getting hurt is inevitable.
BA'ALOT HASHAHAR, Directed by Omri Burstyn
”Running Through Life” provides an insight into the relationship between the individual, their community, and the desire to live a balanced life.
Portraits of asylum seekers from all over the world are set among impressions of a dreary life in a strictly composed sequence of images. They tell of hopes for a better future in Germany.
EISEN, Directed by Benjamin Kahlmeyer
The little-conversing thirteen-year-old ‘Marino’ resides with his headstrong though reticent father ‘Tony’ on an old shipping yard. Dissonant is a film without any dialogue. The lack of words between father and son emphasizes the inability to express their emotions.
DISSONANT, Directed by Jurgen Willocx
”We’re very happy about the support the FFL Agency gives us. The team is very experienced and well-connected in the festival world to help with a structured and customized strategy along with some good deals for submission fees on top.”
Fabian Driehorst, Producer - Däwit
Mr. White is a professional killer. Always alone. Almost invisible. Mr. White is the best at his job. Punctual and reliable. His obsession of perfection made him a perfect killer, but it will also be the cause of his failure.
PERFECT KILLING, Directed by Julian A. Ch. Kernbach

How To Join

There are two ways the FFL Agency scouts for films: through individual reach outs and recurring open calls on FilmFestivalLife.

Anyone is able to suggest their films for consideration.

Submissions are currently closed.
Only submit upon invitation.

The submission fee is 30 EUR.
The fee is to cover the administration and selection workload. It will be refunded in case of selection.
Did we or your school ask you to submit? Reach out for a waiver:
Let us do the work, so you can enjoy your success.