dokumentART - Films & Future

dokART // dokumentART - Films & Future

27th edition

Oct 17 - Oct 21, 2022
Neubrandenburg, Germany

Open Call Open to Public Competitive Market Special Fees

Festival type Real Venue Festival
Types of films Any type, Docu-feature, Documentary, Experimental, Hybrids, Multimedia, Narrative fiction, Student
Film length Mid-length, Short
Genre Art, Avantgarde, Environmental, Human rights, Independent, Mockumentary, Nature, , Social issues

Mission / description Innovative film makers from all over Europe meet up in Neubrandenburg every year. The films tackle under an bigger scope the topic "future" and deal with changing realities. They test and transcend the boundaries of their genre in exciting frontier region between tradition and avant-garde.

We especially welcome entries from young filmmakers who have not yet etablished themselves. Films and videos should have a mp4 or AVI be no more than sixty minutes in length and should have been completed after 1st of January 2017. The film has to be subtitled in English. We accept all formats. Preference will be given to films which have not previously been shown elsewhere. although we will accept those which have.

Every year a different European film school will introduce itself as part of the festival's international programme. As well as our European programme, dokumenART also offers a special forum for Eastern European films. The aim of this forum is to promote encounters between youn filmmakers from Eatsern and Western Europe within the newly expanded Europe. Our international programme is further supplemented by Specials, Retrospectives and regional features.

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Class Founded: 1991
Festival category: B (international relevance, international player)
Dates Open call: Mar 05, 2018

Regular deadline: Jun 15, 2018
Late deadline: Jun 15, 2018

Notification date: Aug 01, 2018

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Awards Total prize money: 9,000.00 USD
Other prizes: Findling: Tour through the county of Mecklenburg Vorpommern
Festival sections
Eastern Bloc
Special on films from or on Eastern European countries with a max. length of 60 minutes.
European Competition
In the competion films are shown which deal with changing realities; films which test and even transcend the boundaries of their genre in the exciting frontier region between tradition and avantgarde.
Film School Programm
Every year we present a European film school and its recent documentary films by its students.
Fims from MV
Films are presented that were produced and funded recent in the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern
NDR Special
Our TV partner NDR is presenting productions developed within the last year, mostly with a historical or political focus.
General rules General rules European Competition
- Only films with a max. length of 60 minutes are eligible
- At least 1 European production country must be attached to the project
- We accept releases from after January 1 2017 or later
- One member of the film crew is experted to attend the festival.
- By handing in a fim, the filmmakers accepts that no fees will be paid for screening at the festivals, neither after the festival on occasion of dokumentART programm presentations.
- By handing in a film to the festival, the filmmakers accepts that the film might be seletected for competition as well as the Eastern Block Program.

Location & Organization
The festival is organized by the Latücht Film & Medien e.V. association
in Neubrandenburg. Selected films are also screened
in various different towns in the region.

Panel, Jury, Prizes
An independent selection commitee will select the films
to be shown at the festival. Prizes will be distributed by
an independent jury consisting of international experts chosen by the
organisers. The total value of the prizes is 9,000 Euros.

Registration, Deadline
Submission deadline is June 15, 2018. Please supply a short summary of the film, and a dialogue list of all narratives and dialogues used in the film in English.
The film must be subtitled in English.
Please also supply the film maker‘s biography and filmography,
the latter giving the original film titles. Film submissions
recieved later than the deadline will not be included in
the program.
Please complete the submission tool via FFL carefully.
Ensure you give your full address, post code, telephone
number, fax number, and email address. If desired, preview
videos will be returned, at the film maker’s expense.
Alternatively, they will be kept in the festival archives.

The festival does not cover any screening fees for competition

Festival Deadline, Instructions on Posting and Insurance
If a film has been selected for inclusion in the festival, it
is the film maker’s responsibility to ensure that the film
to be screened at the festival reaches us two weeks before the
festival starts. The address for screening copies is:

dokumentART – European Film Festival for Documentaries
Grosse Krauthoeferstrasse 16
17033 Neubrandenburg /Germany

Additionally to the screening copy we request a DVD with
the screening version of the film (without preview fade-in),
created in improved quality and desired image ratio
(please specify). This DVD will remain in the festival‘s
stock for later screenings in the region.
We solicit all film makers to give technical details as
precise as possible, otherwise a smooth screening in the
highest quality cannot be guaranteed. ? 1 film + DVD
Film copies received later than deadline will be
screened from DVD.
Please notify us if films are to be sent on from another
festival. Shipping happens on sender‘s risk only. Any
entries arriving with insufficient postage will be returned.
Return shall be sent at organiser‘s cost.
When sending an entry from abroad, please mark the
package, “For cultural purposes only. Not for commercial
use. Receiver is declaring the own customs charge.”.
Please ensure that you obtain the necessary re-importation
forms from customs before posting your entry. Films
are insured for the duration of the festival.

Attendance at the Festival
What makes our festival special is the presence of the
film makers, so we would really like at least one member
of each film team to be present at the festival. Talks and
discussions with the film makers are an important part of
the festival. Please note that entering a film will be taken
as indicating that a member of the film team is willing to
attend the festival and to take part in a public discussion.
If invited to take part in the festival, costs of accommodation
in the festival hotel will be accepted by the organizers for 3 nights. The organizers will also pay part of
the costs of travel to Neubrandenburg.

By the submission of my film I agree to the festival regulations and the following:
I agree that extracts of the film can be used for publicity purposes.
Should my film not be selected for the competition, I am happy for it to be shown as part of the Festival’s Special Programmes,
if the organisers wish to do so.
This also means that a member of the film team is prepared to attend the screening of the film and
to take part in discussions at the festival.
The dokumentART prizes are awarded to the films' directors.
The films nominated for the festival programme, can be shown in regional sequels.

I hereby declare that my film is free of third parties rights.
Entering a film signifies acceptance of “dokumentART” 2018’s regulations.