FilmFestivalLife for Festival Programmers

FilmFestivalLife is the leading online film submission platform to find and submit your films to hundreds of prestigious international film festivals.

FilmFestivalLife allows filmmakers to distribute their films to film festivals internationally, whilst providing festival programmers with the technology to manage their festival program selection.

Are you a film festival?

Join hundreds of international film festivals that have chosen FFL to access the filmmakers community with the most diverse selection of high quality films. You’ll be in the company of many great film festivals.

We offer the following – all for free:

Creating a festival and accepting submissions on FFL is completely free

Create your festival page – or connect to an already existing one. Fill in all the required information about you festival and open calls for all categories you’ve created.

Receive quality film submissions

Our festival partners praise FFL for being the most diverse hub for quality films. Whether you are using other platforms of not, enrich your festival program with outstanding films spanning the entire globe.

Receive extensive marketing support

FFL cheers its festivals. During the time of your open call you will receive free marketing through our Weekly Newsletters and social channels. You will be exposed to the steadily growing FFL filmmakers community. On top the basic marketing package, we also offer convenient individual Spotlights. Together we produce a focus story on your festival and tell it throughout all of our channels.

No commission on your festival fees

FFL handles your festival fees with monthly transfers to your account of choice. We transfer all collected fees – retaining only PayPal or bank transfer fees. No platform commission fee involved. Also, you can easily hand out fee discounts or waiver codes, that you can create on your FFL Admin Panel.

Create & organize your festival program

Screen your film submissions on FFL in HD, let your selection committee members access their individual screening rooms and rate the films, change the internal status of films, and bulk-communicate with your submitters once you have decided whether the film is selected or rejected. 

FFL makes the administration of the whole selection process as easy as it gets, creating the perfect environment to work with your selection committee and organize your festival program.

Integrated with Eventival, the leading festival management software

At any time, you can import a selection or all the films submitted to you through FFL into your Eventival account – all with just one click. This is all done without incurring any data loss, merging your films received via FFL seamlessly with other submissions you have received externally. 

Request your Online Film Library

Allow accredited guests to access your program online in a customized, beautiful, and secure HD environment. No hardware needed, the FFL film library is easily accessible through your own URL and branded to your festival’s CI. Filling it with film titles happens automatically, if you’d used FFL to accept and manage your submissions.

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