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Cinéaste Janis Abele (born 1990, Riga) has started cinema making during his Philosophy studies in university. He graduated Latvian Academy of Culture in 2014 with thesis film Six feet above (Augstak par zemi).The film won Grand Prix at 33rd International short film festival Tous Courts (Aix-en-Provence, France). The prize he got was ground for his debut feature film 7 Billion Years Before the End of the World. 2nd feature film by the director is Jelgava 94 which is adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Janis Jonevs with the same title. full text less text

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Augst?k par zemi (Six feet above)

Drama, Melodrama, Romance | 27 min | Latvia, 2015
Directed by Janis Abele
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7 Miljardi Gadu pirms Pasaules Gala (7 Billion Years before the End of the World)

Drama | 79 min | France, Latvia, 2018
Directed by Janis Abele

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