Mário Bastos

Geração 80
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He was born in Luanda in 1986. He discovered his love for photography with Vitório Henriques one of the first film makers in the country. In 2004, he went to the USA where he was trained in cinema in New York and San Francisco. 
In 2009 he made a short film called “Alambamento” ("Bride's price"), presented at several international film festivals. In 2010, with Jorge Cohen and Tchiloia Lara he set up the production company Geração 80. In the same year he joined the project “Angola – Pathways to Independence” as the person responsible for technical issues. 
Mário believes in Angolan cinema and he is fighting for it to be more than just a dream, he believes it should be part and parcel of our everyday existence.
“Independence”, his first full-length film, brought together his two greatest interests: history and cinema.
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