Sophie Venecia Reyes

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Of Franco-Spanish origin, Sophie Venecia Reyes created since she was a
child. Former sports, she then turns to her other passions. For beginning
she's fashion creator, with the creation of a brand in 2007 and creating
costumes for various media. She is currently working on creating
costumes and staging an exhibition at the Grand Palais scheduled for
autumn 2017.
Because the skin of an actor is multiple, it is naturally that she decided
to train in as an actress with US coach Jack Waltzer. She performed in
different films like La Bonhemienne directed by Nicolas Xavier, Lovers
directed by Nell Teare, Je suis un Bluff directed by Noam Cardoz, RDV
d’octobre d’Eric Lamy, A fleur de peau de Victor Dupuis ...
Her sporty character, her desire to learn constantly changing and the
importance of the text and words, open to her new horizons.
Artist "chameleon", she is a passionate who lives life as a perpetual
learning, leaving her passions to guide: Acting, Direction, Writing,
Creation of all kinds ...
She then started writing scenarios and directing.
She wrote this following scenario: un 9 octobre, we are united, un
silence absolu, A fleur de peau, sunlight, ...etc.. And she has directed:
We are united and october 9th. Today she is preparing the realization of
her first feature film and a new short film.
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