Susanne Dzeik

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Susanne Dzeik is a freelance author, director, camera woman and producer in Berlin. She worked as camera woman on the feature documentary “Nach dem Brand (After the Fire)”, coproduced by NDR and Credofilm, nominated for the Prix Europa 2012 and the German Grimme Price 2013. She is interested in people experiencing social upheavals, and how they deal with these individually and collectively. From the beginning of the 90s to 2005, she produced magazine pieces for the legendary Berlin in-depth magazine AK KRAAK, and made several no-budget documentaries, mostly in author collectives, as the directing camera person. Amongst others: “Muevete!” (Mexico, 1999), “Love, peace and petrolbombs” (Czech Republic, 2000), “Arme, reiche Welt (Poor, rich world)” (Brazil 2002), “Brandzeichen, Momente einer Rebellion (Brand marks, snapshots of a revolt)” (Argentinien, 2002), “Mate, Ton und Produktion (Mate, Clay and Production)” (Argentina, 2003) and “Von Mauern und Favelas (Of Walls and Favelas)” (Brazil, 2005) which won the JAGANDA price for best mid-length feature in the 2005 Rio de Janeiro international ethnographical film festival. After studying camera at the “filmArche” film school association, she served in its managing committee from 2009 to 2015, helped found its documentary film study path, produced and worked on many more documentaries, like “Do butterflies have borders?” (Germany, 2014), “Liza ruft! (Liza calling!)” (Lithuania, 2015) and “My two polish loves”, (Poland, 2016). Since 2016 she has been serving in the managing committee of the Berlin/Brandenburg regional branch of AG Dok (“Project group Doc”). She teaches film in various workshops from Brazil to Cameroon.

Director’s Filmography:

Muevete! (1999)
Love, peace and petrolboms (2000)
Arme, reiche Welt (2002)
Brandzeichen - Momente einer Rebellion (2003)
Mate, Ton und Produktion (2003)
Von Mauern und Favelas (2005)
Do butterflies have borders? (2013)
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