Nena Tijsma

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Nena Tijsma is a director and producer of fiction, non-fiction, and commissioned films. She is co-founder of the production company NNfilm, along with her partner Niek Groven. Nena studied Art Therapy at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. In 2012, she graduated, completing her thesis on The Efficacy of Using Film as a Healing Medium in Art Therapy.

While studying Art Therapy, Nena took additional courses and learned the basics of filmmaking at Open Studio in Amsterdam. Concurrent with her studies, she produced and directed short fiction and non-fiction films. In 2012, she won Best Director for "Evil Parade," for the Band, Barbarella, in the 48 Hour Music Video Project, Nijmegen.
In 2013, Nena produced the short film, "Leven," (Life), by Director Paul Haans, starring Peter Faber and Tim Haars. The film was screened at the Eindhoven Film Festival, and on the Homegrown program, Go Short. In February, 2015, she was first assistant director on the film, "Averechts," (Counterproductive) by Lotje Kerckhaert starring John Buijsman and Christine van Stralen.
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