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APA : Artistes Producteurs Associes
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APA: Artists Producers Associated is an innovative concept of artistic production, bringing together artists from different universes in order to work out new production processes, specefic for each project, depending on its economic and particular context.

This Tunisian structure created in 2009 carries local projects co-produced with companies abroad, mainly with french production companies, committed to the promotion of the film industry all over the world.

So far, APA have produced two documentaries, four short films and one first feature film. They also are carrying several feature films projects, in the development stage, co-produced with Italy, France and Sweden.
Alongside their cinematic activity, APA have been producing theater and music shows, as well as several political and civic awareness films on behalf of different public institutions or NGOs.

The APA are co-directed by Lotfi Achour, author, director and producer, Anissa Daoud author, actress and producer, with the contribution of the young executive producer Olfa Ben Achour.
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