Dastan Khalili

Alliance of Light
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An award-winning director {2005 NYC Independent Film Festival: Best Feature, Best Director, Insomnia Manica; 2010 NYC Independent Film Festival: Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Director, Earth Turns to Gold; 2011 New York Film Festival: Best Environmental Documentary Director, Making of A Dream}, Dastan Khalili began making films in 1995, after graduating from the Pomona University Theater Academy. His ample directing experience includes features, documentaries, educational films, music videos, and the theatre.

On his direction of The Only Game in Town at the Metropole in Los Angeles, LA Weekly wrote: “Dastan Khalili is clearly an actor’s director, encouraging unpressured performances to blossom. He lends the proceedings a light touch and disenchanted sweetness, as well as credibility.”

In a review of his feature debut, Insomnia Manica, the Los Angeles Times said: “It’s an elegantly shot mood piece set amid the downtown LA lost crowd, and the intense Khalili creates a striking screen presence.” Another reviewer wrote: "Dastan Khalili sparks with moments of genius in his first narrative feature. I cannot wait to see what’s next."

With a BA in Theatre and decades of experience in directing, acting and producing, Dastan is a passionate filmmaker dedicated to telling compelling, illuminating stories inspired by the rich, colorful fabric of humanity.
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