Ricardo A. Nascimento

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It all started when I had absolutely no idea what to do with my life... I got into a Masters in Mechanical Engineering without having a clue about what I wanted. I bought a small camera to take photos of my friends while they were surfing but as a Bodyboarder myself that didn't cut it. I bought a water housing so I could be in the water, where the action was. Got my first photography gig working for Red Bull, did a couple seasons in Indonesia to improve my craft and one day I broke my right wrist while skating and had a cast for two and a half months. The funny thing is you can't take photos without your right hand so I just grabbed my tripod and filmed a couple of friends doing some downhill biking and that's how I did my first video. Got hooked ever since. Eventually I found the courage to follow my dreams and traded Mechanical Engineering for filmmaking and here I am going through the journey of becoming a cinematographer! full text less text