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Yu-Chieh Chung

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Andrea Chung had been training to become a classical musician when she left home at the age of 18 for New York University Abu Dhabi. Although she intended to study Social Research and Public Policy, she soon found herself inexplicably drawn to Film and New Media. Fortunately, she has found a happy balance between these disciplines in documentary filmmaking.

Long before discovering her passion in documentary filmmaking, Andrea was born in Taipei, Taiwan, to a family full of wanderers. Her mother is a flight attendant, while her father's family belongs to a subgroup of Han Chinese called Hakka, who got their name, literally translates as "guest people," because of their large diaspora population.

Influenced by her family, Andrea is curious about the world and passionate about telling stories of people who are in between places or stages of life, as well as those who strive to understand and overcome differences.

Andrea’s documentary and multimedia work have allowed her to continue exploring the globe: She made two documentaries in Cuba that explore ideas of home and what change in this intimate space can mean. As a videographer, she worked for several media outlets, documenting the Brussels Film Festival in Belgium and the largest travel blogger convention that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Additionally, she took part in documentary projects in Hungary and the Czech Republic, about asylum seekers and racial tension, respectively.

Andrea’s films have screened at festivals in the UAE, the US, and Sri Lanka, while her written and other audiovisual works have appeared in publications such as Litro Magazine,, Airport Road, The Gazelle, and Maverick Youth.
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