Kristina Rosenberg Mejlby

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My film is about what a dominant, hostile parenting can do to a child's young mind. Willi 85 y.old German man, living in Denmark, was hostile raised during the 2 world war in contemporary Germany. He got bad relationship with his mother because upbringing in the Hitler Youth was crazy.

I know that hostile parenting destroys generations.
Therefore I hasten, before I die, tell Willi´s story, and I feel that it is my duty to warn young people so they do not have to deal with suspicious types that affect their young sind.
Young people who grow up under hostile conditions need help. Their surroundings also need help. Whether it is their father or mother or another person.
Especially the young minds have to handle normal , not hostile people who can teach them how to behave properly...
It is much easier today to get help than in contemporary Germany.

This is the story of a German man Willi Fritz Konrad Beck, 85 years old, who have felt homeless because of the 2. world war, he moved from Germany to Denmark in 1963 as a textile man. The film's director: Kristina Rosenberg Meilby (Polish-Jewish descent, came to Denmark in 1971) was born in the same town as Willi: German Breslau, Poland Wroclaw. Breslau became Wroclaw, Poland after the war. The film tells of Willi about growing up in the mountains of Germany, Silesia, Silsterwitz that after the war, Polish Silesia, Surlestowice, only 37 km from Breslau. Willi am very sad that he has lost his feelings, especially to his mother because he was in the Hitler Youth from age 8 to 16, he participated in the war for 8 months from the time he was 16 until he was released by the Americans the day before his 17th birthday. I made the whole movie alone. Everything.
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