Andreas Müller

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Andreas Müller, 1982*, lives and works in Vienna

Against the backdrop of his sculptural roots he uses photography and moving images as preferred means of expression in his artistic concepts since 2011, whereby the work is sometimes attributed to the field of artistic research. The materials fog, smoke and light are understood in their ephemerality as convenient building stock for the staging of image immanent questions concerning spacial phenomena of time specifically, as well as transformational processes generally.
Andreas Müller studied sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Erwin Wurm, and graduated 2012 under Martin Walde. In 2013 a diploma in art history on film-theoretical questions followed at the University of Vienna. In 2012 he was awarded a grant from the Emanuel and Sofie Fohn Stipendienstiftung, 2013 the Startstipendium for visual art from the Austrian Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture. He received several project fundings from the cultural department of Styria and the Austrian Federal Chancellery. In 2018 his book "Similes – Nebulae" made it to the short list of the The Cornish Family Prize for Art & Design Publishing. Furthermore he is part of the curatorial collective at Fotogalerie Wien.
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