Simone Lehmann

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If you don't be a labour of love for something – leave it!

I was born in a little town in Thuringia/Germany on 16th October 1984.
Later I went to Plauen to finish my education and to make my university-entrance diploma.
After that I was working in England to improve my English language skills for one year.
Since 2008 I'm a student an the University in Wismar. I'm studying communication design and media.
Due to the cooperation of my university and the Academy Of Fine Arts in Kraków I got the possibility
studying abroad for one year .
Since that, I'm working a lot with many animation technics.
2013 I moved to Berlin for making my internship at the well-respected animation studio “Dyrdee" in Berlin.
Right now I'm working on my final work.

2012 "5 O Clock" animated short movie
2012 "Halt" animated short movie
2012 "Smoke and Sound" animated music video
2012 "The Striptease" animated short movie
2013 "Spinnenreiter" animated music video
2013 "The Miles" animated music video
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