Marta Miskaryan

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Marta’s journey into visual storytelling started while volunteering for an educational foundation in Armenia, where she created short films and animation projects in collaboration with local communities. She then moved to study in Moscow (VGIK), which gave her a unique opportunity to specialise in the craft, while being in one of the birthplaces of the documentary genre.
Since then, she has focused on documentary directing, which has allowed her to interact with real-life characters and at the same time, create her own visual aesthetic. Her main interest lies in the exploration of memory and heritage through powerful visual metaphors. Her first short film ‘Please, Make Me Prettier’ is about the plastic surgery industry in Armenia, focusing on the connection of beauty standards with one’s cultural identity.
A desire to study in a more multicultural environment led Marta to move to London, where she is currently based. Throughout her years of studying at the University of the Arts London, she has worked across documentary films as an Editor, Producer and Director. These were screened in venues across London - from Copeland Gallery to the Barbican.
Her most recent project, documentary short 'Arquivo', shines a light on the devastating tragedy of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro. It is her most large-scale project so far and the first short film to enter the festival circuit.
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