Aydin Erel

8.Sanat Multimedya Yapim & Organizasyon ltd.
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Erel first studied drama and started his career as a professional actor in Turkey. Later he studied Film Production in the UK.Upon his return to Turkey, Erel worked in the advertising as a director/producer and photographer since 1984. Thereafter, he has decided to make documentary and feature films. He has recently completed an historic aviation documentary called “Cape Cod over Istanbul” after four years of research and work.
While he has acted from time to time in TV series and films as professional actor, his passion for the theatre never faded, he always been active in writing and directing as well as acting with great enthusiasm. He is the fundamental partner of 8.Sanat Production. He is a founding member of The Documentary Filmmakers Association of Turkey. And also; The Movie Producers Professional Association of Turkey.
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