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? Why can't I find any online festivals or special contests?
! First of all, because our primary aim is to help you consider if it's worth submitting to or attending a certain festival that might be on the other side of the planet.
! We are also working on designing a special section that caters to the specific needs and categories of online festivals and other contests. We expect to launch it in the coming months.
? I am a festival; what do you need my user information for?
! Our moral standard is to monitor the data for eligibility and factuality. In this regard, we might need to double-check if the person behind a festival is a legitimate representative of the festival and as such is permitted to hold the account on behalf of the festival. Also, we like to interact with people, so it's nice to have a personal way to contact you.
? Help, I forgot my password!
! Just open the log in pop up, hit "Forgot Password?" and follow the instructions on how to reset your password.
? What happens with all my ratings if I delete a film?
! They'll be gone, as well as all the comments that people might have given to your rating over time.
? How can I delete my account?
! We're still working on how to automate this. For now please send us an email at trashme@filmfestivallife.com and we will delete your account for you.
? Is FFL free for filmmakers? What fees do I have to pay?
! Free on FFL are:

Your Profile including your films' festival track record
Festivals Database
Lists and Favorites
Festival Ratings
Films upload and management
Submitting to a festival on FFL without an online screener (you send the film via mail)*

! You pay a service fee on FFL if you:

Submit to festivals via FFL including your online screener.

The FFL service fee depends on the length of your film (storage and streaming costs):

2.99€ / $ 3,99* for a short
4.49€ / $ 5,49* for a mid-length film
5.99€ / $ 6,99* for a full length film

*all prices include 19%VAT