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FilmFestivalLife is the fastest developing online resource for the film festival industry. With its grass roots as a search engine for film festivals in 2009, FilmFestivalLife has grown to sophisticated technology for the entire film festival sector.

FilmFestivalLife enables film festivals with tools to receive submissions and then screen and select films for their festival program. For filmmakers, FilmFestivalLife is a planning, submitting and sharing network where they can build their film festival careers. The platform also invites members of the film festival industry from sales, distribution and media to take part in the shared knowledge and resources available at FilmFestivalLife.

Founded in 2009 by Luca Zamai, and later joined by partner Nadine Baethke, FFL is backed by Germany's Ministry of Culture Innovation Award, Germany’s Ministry of Business and Technology and the European Union’s Exist-Program and Brandenburg Investmentbank ILB's Gründung Innovativ. FFL is also a member of media.net berlinbrandenburg.

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Recent Press

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25. 09. 2012
Lights, camera, funding - FilmFestivalLife closes deal with Echnation Invest
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02. 05. 2012
From Shoot to Showtime
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