FFL feels responsible for only allowing legitimate festivals to accept submissions through FFL. Thus we verify the festival's legitimacy before pushing the call for submissions live.

How does the validation process work?

  • After accepting FFL's terms and signing off to use the FFL Submitter on your admin panel's 'Visibility & sign off' page, an FFL delegate will screen your profile and your festival to evaluate the event's legitimacy and relevance.
  • If proof of legitimacy and relevance is easy to find, the FFL delegate will assign the 'Validated' stamp and push the festival's deep profile live allowing the festival to call for entries at any time.
  • If ambiguous proof of legitimacy and/or relevance is found, the FFL delegate will get in touch with you to ask for unambiguous proof. Based on your response and all collected information, the delegate will then evaluate whether to assign the 'Validated' or the 'Not validated' stamp. The 'Not validated' stamp will be assigned if there is some but not sufficient proof of legitimacy and/or relevance. In this case you'll still be allowed to accept submissions through FFL. The 'Not validated' stamp will serve as a warning for the filmmaker to pay extra attention as to if to submit to your festival or not.
  • If no response is received to FFL's requests, or if there is unsatisfactory proof of legitimacy, the festival deep page and the call for submissions won't be pushed live. In this case filmmakers won't be able to submit films to your festival.

Criteria for being assigned the 'Validated' stamp

All, or a high number of, the following criteria must be ticked off to be able to receive the 'Validated' stamp:

  • The festival must be at least in its second edition (exceptions may be made if there is satisfactory evidence of established industry relevance).
  • A working website with current information about the festival.
  • Complete contact information including contact person and telephone number easily available.
  • Upon request from the FFL delegate, proof of company registration (scan of registration papers).
  • Upon request from the FFL delegate, the previous edition's catalogues, photos, photo galleries, etc.
  • Transparent description of the event on FFL's festival page including disclosure of any deviation from an expected festival context and all 'hidden' costs in the festival regulations (like award statuettes only available upon payment, etc).
  • Complete information in the 'The festival in numbers' section on the festival page.
  • Any additional material helping to identify the nature, size and relevance of the event (press clippings, articles in major industry publications, etc).

However, it is at the sole discretion of FFL whether to assign the 'Validated' stamp after our evaluation of the legitimacy and relevance of the event. The festival has no automatic claim for assignation of the 'Validated' stamp.

What can I do to upgrade the festival from 'Not validated' to 'Validated'?

The upgrade from 'Not validated' to 'Validated' can happen at any time during your call. It solely depends on your level of transparency and how active you are in helping us to understand the nature of your event. It's fairly easy:

  • Proactively provide any additional elements from the criteria to demonstrate your full compliance to the validation policy.
  • Let your attendees speak up for you by either rating your event on FFL or sending us a mail at
  • Be as transparent in the public communication of your event as possible as to eliminate any ambiguities.