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Maxim Subbotin • INTERVIEWED


Maxim Subbotin:

[item title=”City”]Minsk[/item]
[item title=”Country”]Belarus [/item]
[item title=”Age”]30[/item]
[item title=”Profession”]Director/Producer[/item]
[item title=”Latest”] Darya Domracheva. Representing Belarus[/item]
[item title=”Web”][/item] [/details]


During film festivals we meet talented filmmakers from all over the globe. From first-time festival attendees to more experienced festival hoppers. We talk to them about their projects. When we have these encounters we also ask the filmmakers their personal opinion about the importance of festivals, and especially about their top advice to other filmmakers when approaching or visiting festivals. This SNAPSHOT is quick way to get some insight advice from fellow filmmakers concerning a festival career.

At the last Berlinale Talent Campus we bumped into Maxim Subbotin. While being extremly romantic (his latest documentary is constructed around his wife Darya, a Belarus biathlon star) he is really enterprising and pragmatic when it comes to the promotion of his work. Check out what he has to say.

Focus in filmmaking:

Both documentary and feature films.

Favorite film festival:

Berlinale. It’s a great environment to find partners from all over the world. It is the best place for networking as a producer.

Importance of film festivals:

Depends on what you need as a filmmaker. If you bring a film you get your audience for it, or you can pitch a project to sell it. It is very good when a festival covers all aspects, screening, networking and when it has opportunities for talents, such as the Talent Campus at the Berlinale.

Advice to other filmmakers when approaching film festivals:

Print good business cards! Leave your mobile phone number in your profiles. It’s very hard to find people. You yourself should think as a producer. Think of how to communicate efficiently.

Thanks Maxim!

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