Cool Free Tribeca Events

Are you located in New York, or perhaps visiting the city for Tribeca Film Festival, and up for some entertainment?

Than you have the option this week to visit downtown NY and enjoy the Festival’s free events: the Tribeca Drive-In (April 21-23), NY Film and Entertainment Soccer Tournament (April 23), Family Festival Street Fair (April 30), Tribeca/ESPN Sports Day (April 30), and the free panel series, “Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper” and “Tribeca Talks: Industry” (April 23-30).

The festival was initiated nearly 10 years ago to display what Tribeca has on offer, and spice up lower Manhattans culture and business. Traditionally, the festival held community events each year in order to give something back to the city and let the entire family participate.  This year the all time favorite Family Festival is back. The popular Drive- In, features the films “Muppets in the big city”; “the return of Fame”, preceded by a talent contest; and “Septentrional”, the Haitian band that has thrived for decades.

Unfortunately, the sun is letting us down today! For those who can handle some rain drops, don’t let this be a limit…. the soccer game will destract you ;-)

Have fun!