Fabio Mollo:

[item title=”City”]Rome[/item]
[item title=”Country”]Italy [/item]
[item title=”Age”]31[/item]
[item title=”Profession”]Director/Screenwriter[/item]
[item title=”Latest”] GIGANTI, IL SUD È NIENTE[/item]
[item title=”Web”] Fabio Mollo on Vimeo[/item] [/details]


Congratulations to Fabio Mollo! After attending the Berlinale with his film IL SUD È NIENTE (Talent Project Market 2011) he managed to get invited by the Cannes Film Festival for the Cinéfondation Atelier programme to help him arrange additional funding for this film in order to finish the project. We are curious to hear about his experiences at Cannes, and wish him all the luck during the festival. When we talked with Fabio about festivals experiences he shared the following with us.

Focus in filmmaking:

I love telling stories with different media. I don’t focus on one genre. As long as it’s a good story I want to tell it.

Favorite film festival:

Berlinale & Torino Film Festival. The section “Film Love” is amazing, because you get the opportunity to develop a project for one year.

Importance of film festivals:

Festivals are the best for two things. First of all you see a lot of films. Secondly, you learn so much from other filmmakers. I’ve learned the most from experiences at festivals and the interaction I had with the other filmmakers.

Advice to other filmmakers when approaching film festivals:

Times have changed compared to when I started. First of all focus on the festivals you like the most, and get to know what the different main themes of the festival’s sections are. Usually one genre is dominant. Find out what that is, and if it matches your film, than it’s easier to get access. Use festivals to show what you have done.

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Thanks Fabio!

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