Landshut Unveils Its 2015 Program

The 16th Landshut Short Film Festival has unveiled its program with 220 short films in competition. As an FFL partner festival, all the submitted films are members of our very own FilmFestivalLife family. Festival Director Michael Orth is happy with this years selection; ‘we have a very strong program. Because of the very high standard of submissions, we had to reject a lot of great films this time – we have even had to accept more films for our new competition‘. The brand new competition ‘Europe in 16 minutes’ honors the 16th edition of the festival with films from around Europe no longer than 16 minutes.



I don’t want to highlight any specific filmmaker, the films are all very strong and unique. Still, I’m really looking forward to TOTES LAND by Benjamin Pfohl.‘ The social drama, made by HFF Munich student Pfohl, has the authenticity of a Western or a Doomsday film. ‘And I’m also excited about NECTAR by Lucile Hadzihalilovic.‘ For Michael Orth, the film has the look of Dali and Bunuel together in the seventies.

You can say we have a few repeat offenders every year. Erik Schmitt for example, with his short film FOREVER OVER. He knows how to tell a story in a new and fresh way, even it was told a hundred times before.’



Schmitt is also represented with a second short film TELEKOMMANDO. And let’s not forget – with last years NASHORN IM GALOPP he was able to persuade FFL CEO Luca Zamai, the other jury members as well as the Landshut audience, and he went home with two awards in his pocket! For producer Darren Hutchings this is also his third time at the Bavarian festival. His newest film is O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES, which will be screening in the Shock Block at Landshut. ‘He’s always coming to us from Canada!

Find below the complete 16th Landshut Short Film Festival program. Congrats to all FFL filmmakers!


Eröffnungsgala / Opening Night / Mitwoch 18.03. / 19:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 7

Präsenzlücke by Alexander Alaluukas First Date by Christoph Schuler Papa dans Maman – Dad in Mum by Fabrice Bracq Spielplatz by Tanja Bubbel Forever Over by Erik Schmitt The Fly by Olly Williams Schnee in Rio by Manuel Vogel Wrapped by Roman Kaelin

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 1 / Freitag 20.03. / 18:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 6 Samstag 21.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 7

Erledigung einer Sache by Dustin Loose Sonntag by Silvio Gerber Sneeze Freeze by Gabriel Borgetto Mute by Johanna Thalmann Wrapped by Roman Kaelin Wächter der Spieluhr by Marco J. Riedl First Date by Christoph Schuler

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 2 / Donnerstag 19.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Salzstadtel  Samstag 21.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 6

Forever Over by Erik  Schmitt Einfach by Markus Wende Nocebo by Lennart Ruff Discipline by Christophe M Saber Schnee in Rio by Manuel Vogel Whodunnit?? by Jim Lacy

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 3  / Freitag 20.03. / 22:30 Uhr / Kinoptikum Samstag 21.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Salzstadel

Anti Cupido by Andreas Pakull Quälen by Rebecca Blöcher Alles wird gut by Patrick Vollrath Bär by Pascal Flörks 24//7 by Jeanette Wagner Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen by Susann Maria Hempel Blue Blue Sky by Bigna Tomschin

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 4  / Freitag 20.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinoptikum Samstag 21.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinoptikum

Komparsen by Nele Jeromin So schön wie Du by Franziska Pflaum An die Liebe meines Lebens by Richard Wilde Burn out Love by Joachim Glaser Camouflage by Stephan Kämpf Devil May Care by Volker Heymann Le Mal Du Citron by Kaspar  Schiltknecht Opossum by Paul Cichon

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 5 / Freitag 20.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 6 Samstag 21.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 5

Spielplatz by Tanja Bubbel Die Jacke by Patrick Vollrath MTL Rush by Mathieu Guimond Elite by Piet Baumgartner Telekommando by Erik Schmitt Totes Land by Benjamin Pfohl Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa – We can´t live without kosmos by Konstantin Bronzit

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 6  / Freitag 20.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Salzstadel Samstag 21.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 6

Er war wieder da by Florian von Bornstädt Jour J by Julia Büntner Meinungsverschiedenheiten by Jannick Seeber Hausbesuche by Claudia Mueller After I saw you by Yolanda Barker Auf den Hund gekommen by Tom Sommerlatte Que La Nuit Soit Douce – Sweet Night by Frédéric Recrosio

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 7 / Freitag 20.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 2 Samstag 21.03. / 18:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 7

Die Ausgestoßenen by Tim Ellrich Torn by Elmar Imanov Störgeräusch by Aylin Kockler Präsenzlücke by Alexander Alaluukas Short Trip by Johannes Duncker Die Kunst des Verlierens by David Voss Der sehr lange Johannes by Frank Pingel

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 8  / Donnerstag 19.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Kinoptikum  Samstag 21.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinoptikum

Fahrt zur Hölle by Henning Beckhoff Plug & Play by Michael Frei A Promised Rose Garden by Lisa Violetta Gaß 바람이 지나는 길 – The path of wind by Juim Kim Frühlingsopfer by Steffen Köhn Kein Applaus by Henning Malz Schwarzer Freitag by Sebastian Peterson

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 9 / Donnerstag 19.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 5 Freitag 20.03 / 21:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 5

Warum wir hier sind by Jeanette Karstaedt Birthday Present by Guy Lichtenstein Meanwhile by Stephen McNally Blut, Reis und Tränen by Johannes Rosenstein Pfandfrei by Nicolai Wolf Bendito Machine V – Pull the trigger by Jossie Malis Die Prüfung by Claudio Franke The Rise and Fall of Globosome by Sascha Geddert

Kurzfilmwettbewerb 10  / Donnerstag 19.03. / 20:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 2  Freitag 20.03. / 16:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 5

Bamboule by Simon Ostermann Coda by Alan Holly In uns das Universum by Lisa Krane Where to go by Alice Dunseath Dünnes Eis by Anne Chlosta Luftleerer Raum by Björn Schürmann Eisprung mit Papa by Paul Ploberger Nuggets by Andreas Hykade

DOK Block 1 / Samstag 21.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Der Wagen rollt by Magdalena Plöchl Omas Dilemma by Daniel Seideneder Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy by Bernd Lützeler Die Fliehkraft des Kometen by Felix Ahrens Michael S., versammelt by Steven Swirko Grüneres Gras by Veronika Hafner Boulevard´s End by Nora Fingerscheidt Beruf: Damenimitator by Rony Rolls

DOK Block 2 / Sonntag 22.03. / 16:30 Uhr / Kinoptikum

Markt und Wert by Marina Anselm Nach Auschwitz by Jan Sobotka Teilchenbeschleunigung by Simone Catharina Gaul Vorwärtsgang by Daniel Abma 37 Chili di dolore – 37 kg of pain by Michele Cherchi Mensa by Tim Nowitzki Die liebe der Mutter by Julia Stiebert Kunstblut by Jochen Stryjski

Shock Block 1 – Mindfuckers & Brain Suckers Donnerstag 19.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Dilemat Ha’Achbarosh – The Rat´s Dilemma by Naor Meningher Blink by Diego Latorre Two oranges & a lemon by Allison Beda Mauvaise tete by Camille Vidal-Naquet Mr. Dentonn by Ivan Villamel Dédalo by Jerónimo Rocha Raah by Prateek Payodhi Tuck me in by Ignacio F. Rodó

Shock Block 2 – Is This The Real Life? Donnerstag 19.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Mansgris by Anna Lundholm and Michaela Berner on|off by Thierry Lorenzi The Nostalgist by Giacomo Cimini Shelved by James Cunningham The Landing by Josh Tanner Safari by Gerardo Herrero La Maison de poussiére – The House of Dust by Jean-Claude Rozec Musca by Stefan Parker

Shock Block 3 – Bedtime Stories Donnerstag 19.03. / 22:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Babysitting Story by Vincent Smitz Franky and the Ant by Billy Hayes The Carriage or: Dracula and my Mother by Ben Gordon Empsillness by Jakub Grygier Tanatopraxia by Victor  Palacios Leviathan Ages by Jon Yeo Uberstein – Operation Wunderwaffe by Manuel Vogel Aleluya by Pacheco Iborra

Shock Block 4 – Beneath & Beyond Freitag 20.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Beneath Water by Charlie Manton Naive by Marie Enthoven Haut by Christian Zipfel Subterraneo by Miguel A. Carmona Trajectoires by Philippe Massoni The Visitant by Nick Peterson Entity by Andrew Desmond I want to believe by Andre Theelen

Shock Block 5 – Broken Memories Freitag 20.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Ghost Train by Lee Cronin The Last Halloween by Marc Roussel Line Up by Alex Julià Rich Steadfast Stanley by John Kim Mémorable moi – Remember Me by Jean-François Asselin Battlecock by Ben Mallaby Dead Hearts by Stephen Martin Over the Moon by James Cunninghamq0

Shock Block 6 – Man Is A Wolf To Man Freitag 20.03. / 22:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

The Stomach by Ben Steiner Breakdown by David Lovric Adam Moins Eve by Aurélia Mengin Bad Guy #2 by Chris McInroy Peine de Mort by Julien De Volte Le Pédophile by Ara Ball Keine Zeit zu leben by Aleksandar Vidojkovic Re Place by Sven Windszus

Shock Block 7 – Eat Em Up And…  Samstag 21.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Waterborne by Ryan Coonan Deep Dance by Marco Erbrich Dog Food by Brian Crano Nectar by Lucile Hadzihalilovic M is for Malnutrition by Peter Czikrai Sweetheart by Miguel Angelo Pate The Untiteled Dead by Eugenie Muggleton O Come All Ye Zombies by Greg Kovacs

Shock Block 8 – Demons, Ghouls & Other Problems  Samstag 21.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 2

Orbit ever after by Jamie Stone Gummifaust by Marc Steck Sleeping with the dead by Allison Bed He took his skin off for me by Ben Aston Rien ne peut t´arrêter – If it turns bad, run by David Hourrègue The Security Guards by Jody Fedele Goat Witch by James Sizemore The Fly by Olly Williams

Europe in 16 minutes 1 / Freitag 20.03. / 18 Uhr / Salzstadel Samstag 21.03. / 19:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 1

Alles komt terug (The Comeback) by Eva Cools Tiger by Jacob chelkowski Dinner for few by Nassos Vakalis á consommer avant fin… by Nicolas Fogliarini Entre Midi Et 15h by Alina Teodorescu Notes On Blindness by Peter Middelton & Peter Spinney The Acrobat by Gerardo Herrero Un lugar mejor (A better place) by Moisés Romera & Marisa Crespo

Europe in 16 minutes 2  / Donnerstag 19.03. / 17:30 Uhr / Kinoptikum  Freitag 20.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinoptikum

Candy Crush by Andrei Georgescu La Mujer Asimetrica (The asymmetric woman) by Ana M. Ruiz Crocodile by Gaëlle Denis 8 Bullets by Frank Ternier Troya by Isaac Pierre Painkiller by Carol Murphy El Tren by Sergio Serrano Tisina Mujo (Quiet Mujo) by Ursula Meier

Europe in 16 minutes 3  / Freitag 20.03. / 19:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 5 Samstag 21.03. / 18 Uhr / Salzstadel

The Boy with a camera for a face by Spencer Brown Har Den Äran (My special day) by Anders Köhler & Timmy Sundin Close by Geoffrey Taylor Walls by Miguel López Mike by Petros Silvestros Ferdinand Knapp by Andrea Baldini The Chicken by Una Gunjak Papa dans Maman – Dad in Mum by Fabrice Bracq

Europe in 16 minutes 4  / Donnerstag 19.03. / 20:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – 5  Sonntag 22.03. / 14 Uhr / Kinoptikum

Berlin Troika by Andrej Gontcharov Flash by Alberto Ruiz Rojo Here by Colum Eastwood Holiday at the seaside by Cristina Großan Abdullah by Evrim Ersoy Not anymore: The story of Revolution by Matthew VanDyke The Beast by Corinna Faith The secret world of foley by Danie Jewel

Kurzes für Kids / Sonntag 22.03. / 14 Uhr / Salzstadel

Morphium – One Man Band by Mark Andrews, Andrew Jimenez Love, Cakes & Rock n Roll by Benjamin Gutsche Ein Märchen von einer unmöglichen Stelle im Universum by Markus Wulf The Present by Jacob Frey Tschüss Papa by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt Schwammerlbert by Pia Auteried

Sprungbrett 1 / Donnerstag 19.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 2

Bahar im Wunderland by Behrooz Karamizade Luma by Carmel Ben Ami & Sohini Tal Skinship by Nichola Wong wHole by Verena Klinger Amor a Primera Vista – Love at first sight by Mark Playne Mano a Mano – Hand in Hand by Ignacio Tatay Les liens de sang – Blood Ties by Manon Lazzari Blinder Passagier by Maria Brendle

Sprungbrett 2 / Freitag 20.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 8

Last train home by Ansgar Glatt Durch dick und dünn by Tom Uhlenbruck Zehn Sekunden Himmel by Tobias Schönenberg Slapkick by Chon-Dat Nguyen Nabilah by Paul Meschuh Schleierhaft by Tim Ellrich

Sprungbrett 3 / Samstag 21.03. / 17:00 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 2

Irgendwohin by Constantin Maier I´ve just had a dream by Javi Navarro Déja-Moo – Der Notfall by Stefan Müller Leichenschmaus by Felix F. Walz In der Stille der Nacht by Erich Steiner Albert Ruppert by Pablo Callisaya Der späte Vogel by Tom Uhlenbruck Claire by Cate Smierciak

Sprungbrett 4 / Sonntag 22.03. / 16:30 Uhr / Kinopolis – Kino 8

Gartenfeind by Julia Walter Lebenslänglich by Liv Scharbatke Der König von nebenan by Isa Micklitza Ich by Sinje Koehler Renate by Lukas Baier The age of rust by Alessandro Mattei & Francesco Aber Feuer Wasser Erde Luft und Zeit by Maria Reinhardt Omul by Brigitte Drodtloff

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