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List of Turkish Film Festivals worth a submission!

Here’s a list of fundamental Turkish Film Festivals you might what to keep an eye on!

Turkey is a beautiful country that despite the recent political and social turmoils has managed to keep culturally flourishing with film festivals that are definitely worth a submission in your film festival career.

#1 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 

The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is one of the deepest-rooted festivals in Europe and  Asia, and one of the oldest and the longest running film festivals in Turkey.

#2 Ankara Accessible Film Festival 

Ankara Accessible Film Festival is an event where visually, hearing and orthopedically impaired audience can watch films together with the audience without any disabilities, so they can experience a cultural and social event.

#3 Ankara International Film Festival

Ankara International Film Festival, has been organized since 1988, following years with the interest of cinema lovers, quickly becoming Ankara’s most precious event with its varied and rich line-up and its original side events. At the moment, it is the leading cultural and art organization in Turkey.

#4 Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival

Since its inception, the Festival has hosted hundreds of films from Turkey and all over the world. Each year, documentary filmmakers and documentary cinema theoreticians have the opportunity to meet with the audience.

#6 International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival

The International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival is an international take-away film festival dealing with the topic of cultural exchange. The festival mainly focuses on films dealing with different settings, contexts, ideas and understandings of border.

 #7 Istanbul Film Festival 

The Festival features a thematically specialized international competition, provides a showcase for recent Turkish film productions, and thus represents a rewarding medium where Turkish and foreign filmmakers get together.

# 8 Malatya International Film Festival

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Malatya International Film Festival carried out a unique cinema festivity in Eastern Turkey with its international competition, thematic sections, premiers, special screenings and cinema courses.


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